100 Thieves jungle player Meteos benched again for LCS Summer Split

100 Thieves jungle player Meteos benched again for LCS Summer Split

With the current standing of 100 Thieves for this year’s League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split, a shuffle in the roster was made. This meant Meteos getting benched yet again, which wasn’t taken lightly.

William “Meteos” Hartman, a known League of Legends jungle player playing for 100 Thieves, gets the boot from the starting lineup roster following a supposed series of poor performances in the ongoing LoL Championship Series Summer Split games.

100 Thieves LCS Summer Split performance

Forbes noted that 100 Thieves is currently “off to a poor start” in the recent games for the League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split. Currently, the eSports team sits in eighth place.

This is based on their “poor” record of 1-5. Accordingly, the team’s last loss could’ve been avoided, per the media outlet. TSM did a backdoor play on them, that resulted in a close game defeat.

As of this writing, 100 Thieves is bearing a win rate of 16.67%, the same with the Immortals, who is currently standing on a rank below them. Five of the LCS Summer 2020 competitors have a 66.67% win rate, with one—Golden Guardians—having a 33.33% WR.

Meanwhile, Cloud9 is in on a streak with a 6-0 record, having a clean 100% WR so far.

A change in the 100 Thieves roster

The team is set to play on July 5 against Team Dignitas—who is currently in a losing streak. Avoiding to be the one to put a halt on the competitor’s streak, the bosses at 100 Thieves decided to change the roster.

The coaching staff decided to bench their current jungle player Meteos and replacing him with Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia. Contractz is the team’s jungle player for their Academy team.

Philippe “Poome” Lavoie-Giguere is also subbing in from the Academy as a support player. The eSports organization took it to Twitter to officially announce the roster change.

The roster change wasn’t taken lightly

Unfortunately, the change wasn’t taken lightly by one of its players, Meteos. In a now-deleted series of tweets, the jungle player confirmed getting bench again. He then called out his coaches for the decision made.

Per Dexerto quoted Meteos’ first tweet saying, “This is gonna sound like a troll post but just got word that I’m being benched after Week 3 Summer again. Not sure why I expected anything different.”

The call-out tweet then reads:

“Pretty weird to hear the players on my team didn’t know about or agree with the decision. All credit goes to Zikz, JungleJuice, and Papasmithy! Clearly the people not on the team know what’s best for it,”

The gaming media outlet highlights that the relationship between the LoL player and the eSports organization also had the same fate two years back. In 2018, Meteos was also benched for Andy “AnDa” Hoang, after a “lack of chemistry and cohesion between the players and the coaching staff.”

The out-of-frustration tweets are now replaced with “Maybe it’s a blessing.” Meanwhile, according to the official roster change tweet, the coaching staff will explain through a follow-up video regarding the lineup shuffle.


Featured image courtesy of 100T Meteos/Twitter

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