14-Inch Macbook Pro to launch in 2021, leak says

14-Inch Macbook Pro to launch in 2021, leak says

A 14-inch MacBook Pro could be out by 2021 in the market. A known leaker posted a Tweet that hints the replacement of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

A recently posted leak could be the answer to the question of what is in store for the MacBook Pro series. The leak gave the public a hint that a 14-inch MacBook Pro could launch by 2021.

14-inch MacBook Pro leak

A Twitter post from Twitter handler @Lovetodream stated only two lines yet said so much about the 14-inch MacBook Pro. The post said a phrase telling in my dream then followed a line MBP14 next year.

The Twitter post continues to gain reactions and comments from followers hoping for a 14-inch MacBook Pro release. Reactions also flooded from those who do not believe as well.

For those who followed the anonymously owned Twitter account, the Tweet could suggest something significant. The same Twitter account made consecutive accurate revelations on Apple’s previous releases.

Twitter handler @Lovetodream accurately revealed the release of three iPad Pro models in March. The same account also leaked the details on iPhone SE ahead of its release.

14-inch MacBook Pro according to Apple analyst

A statement released by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst adds substance to the possibility of a 14-inch MacBook Pro release by 2021. The analyst said that Apple will release six mini-LED products before the year 2021 comes to an end.

Kuo added that the mini-LED products will include the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The analyst also mentioned the 14-inch MacBook Pro as part of its 2021 line up.

True enough the 16-inch MacBook Pro with slimmer bezels just made its debut last year. The launch came to replace the 15-inch MacBook Pro which apparently stopped production.

With Kuo’s statement on the 16-inch MacBook Pro recently taking place, Apple customers are now set on the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Users are expecting for the said device to be replaced by the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Previous reports said that the 14-inch Macbook Pro will release along with the 16-inch model. Now that the 16-inch device is out in the market, users are seeing the release of the 14-inch could indeed be Apple’s next move.

Apple seems to follow the timeline of the six-mini LED product release as forecasted by the Apple analyst. The company assures COVID 19 does not affect the product research and development for the mini-LED products.

The tech giant said that their visibility for commercialization even exceeded their expectation. Therefore the 14-inch MacBook Pro could be out in the market by 2021 as per the leak and as forecasted.

Image courtesy of PedroRib/Flickr

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