2.5M LiMe tokens up for grabs this month on the iMe Smart Platform


The iMe Smart Platform Reward program is now live and will continue for the entire month of May 2021. Users of the app have the chance to earn up to 200,000 LiMe tokens by doing tasks and activities during the period.

Reward Pool of 2,500,000 LiMe Tokens

The iMe Smart Platform is giving away a total of 2,500,000 LiMe to users of the app as rewards for executing certain tasks. Accomplishing any of these tasks will bring in a certain amount of points, which are tallied to determine the top performers at the end of the reward program period.

The top 5 performers will receive 200,000 LiMe tokens each while those that ranked 6th to 10th will receive120,000 LiMe tokens. Participants ranked 11th to 20th will be given 60,000 LiMe tokens.

This means that the top 20 winners will receive a total of 2.2 million tokens. As explained by the iMe team, the remaining 300,000 LiMe tokens will be given away to active participants who didn’t get into the top 20 but still made substantial contributions.

How To Earn Points

There are seven ways to earn points. These are through social media activity (200 pts per social media), meet and greet (800 pts), bring a friend or referral link task (10 pts per referral link), memes attack (up to 3,000 pts), video creating contest (up to 8,000 pts), snap and show great iMe features (up to 5,000 pts), and Reddit boost (up to 3,000 pts). For more information, visit the link below.

A More Refined Version of Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications today and is known for its security. While already one cool messaging app, the Telegram team outdid itself by offering the iMe Smart Platform, which users describe as a more refined version of the original Telegram app.

The iMe Smart Platform is based on the Telegram API with built-in artificial intelligence. But it’s more than just a messaging app because it also has a built-in crypto wallet.

One of its cool features is that it has the ability to translate conversations into different languages. This is especially useful for teams with multilingual members.

The app also has a speech-to-text conversion feature. With this, product the minutes of a meeting is a breeze.

Medium: iMe Awards

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