2020 iMac vs 2019 iMac: new vs old

Apple has said it will start using its home-made processors in Macs soon – with the first Apple Silicon-equipped Macs appearing in 2020.

It’s possible that the iMac could gain Apple Silicon processors this year. However, rumors are claiming that this is more likely to happen in 2021.

There is one iMac that could see an Apple processor sooner than the rest: the entry-level iMac could be one of the first iMacs to adopt these new chips.

This year’s Apple iMac is going to be superb! But Apple may redesign its computer with a higher component compared to the 2019 model.

If leaks are to be accurate, the iMac 2020 is not very ergonomic, the design looks dated, and the screen is no longer worth bragging about. The main criticism is that the iMac design hasn’t changed in over a decade.

2020 iMac vs 2019 iMac

2020 iMac vs 2019 iMac: New vs Old

Even though the 2020 iMac update was long overdue, people are still waiting and wanting to buy the computer. Did Apple do enough with these new iMacs to appease this demanding group?

The 2020 27-inch iMac models feature incrementally updated Intel chips. And because of that, we can expect measurable gains in performance. Apple announces that the new 10th-generation Intel processors will deliver up to 65% faster performance. Furthermore, on the graphics front, the new AMD Radeon Pro options can bring users up to 55% better graphics performance.

The most significant changes are to the top of the range model, which now gets a 3.8GHz 8‑core Intel Core i7, where before it was an 8-core i5 processor. The previous 2019 iMac model packed either 8th-generation or 9th-generation Intel processors, depending on the specific tier. This year’s computer is the winner in this aspect.

The 2020 model is expected to have 256GB internal SSDs as its base, Configurable up to 8TB SSD and no Fusion Drive. Where 27in iMacs used to ship with 1TB Fusion Drives or a 2TB option. The Fusion Drive options that used to be the standard across past computers are gone.

Screens and Displays
There is not much difference when it comes to screen and display. Both the 2020 and 2019 iMac models boast 5120 x 2880 Retina display. However, this year’s device is said to have been unveiled with a “True Tone” feature.

As reported by MacWorld, True Tone adjusts the color temperature and brightness of your screen to suit the ambient light around you. The result is less eye screen and a more natural appearance for the content you are viewing.

Microphones and Cameras
The 2019 model had its 720p FaceTime camera and a standard microphone. This year, we expect to have 1080p FaceTime Cameras, studio-quality audio and a three-mic array.

The Verdict

For those looking for a powerful machine, the 27in iMac offers pretty good value for money. It is priced between £/$1,799 and £/$2,299.

It is a worthy update to the iMac 2020 since it features a lot of improvements. However, Apple will need to do much more to win over its creative pros in the run-up to the switch to Apple Silicon.

Images used courtesy of AppleInsider/YouTube Screenshot

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