2021 iPad Pro might arrive with an M1-like performing chip

A new report claims that the 2021 iPad Pro may possess a faster and powerful chip, similar to the Macbooks’ M1 processors.

However, the upcoming iPad Pro might launch in a limited capacity, due to a Mini-LED shortage, as per Bloomberg’s report. Also, it’s now rumored for a late release.

New iPad Pro to have M1 like processor!

A new rumor says that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro might have a similar chip to that of the latest Macbook lineup’s M1. The chip will be called A14X.

It will be exciting to see whether the next-gen pro tablet will compete with M1’s power.

Well, in the last three-four years, Apple’s iPad lineup has performed beyond imagination. They are one of the bests already when it comes to giving several high-end PCs a run for their money.

A new chip with horsepower like M1 will make the iPad Pro almost incomparable, which is good, especially for those looking for portable devices with excellent benchmarks.

Speaking of the new iPad’s launch then it will now arrive later than expected. The reason for that is quite simple.

There’s a shortage of the Mini-LED at the moment.

The new technology is supposed to add significant improvements like better contrast ratio and increased brightness.

As of now, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPads are rumored to be introduced later this month.

Upcoming Apple reveals of 2021

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is busy with a lot of stuff and plans for this year.

Despite a pandemic in 2020, it emerged as one of the most successful tech companies. And in 2021, it will try to maintain a similar flow of growth.

When it comes to upcoming announcements, then a rumored Apple event is yet to be confirmed. Since the last two months, many leaks claimed it to happen first in March and then in April.

However, the company hasn’t provided a word on any event so far.

The only officially confirmed thing is the 2021 WWDC. It will take place virtually, similar to last year, from June seven to eleven.

The conference will also reveal the highly-anticipated iOS 15, the next generation of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apart from that, the AirTagsAirPods Studio, and of course, the iPad Pro will be other big launches. They are still far from an announcement.

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