2021 M1 MacBook Pros arriving in 14-inch and 16-inch

2021 M1 MacBook Pros arriving in 14-inch and 16-inch

Apple is allegedly planning to launch two new M1 MacBook Pros this year, with one having a 14-inch screen and the other, a 16-inch display.

Apple is in a crucial stage of its transition to Apple Silicon. Its launches last year impressed many because of the relatively smooth migration to a new processor.

Apple also promised that its computers would be smarter and more efficient in the years to come with the Apple Silicon. This year, the company is set to release a new set of Mac computers.

However, the most anticipated among the line are the new MacBook Pros.

Apple M1 MacBook Pros may get a 14-inch and a 16-inch screen

The first MacBook Pro to get the Apple Silicon treatment was essentially just a re-gutted 2020 MacBook Pro. It had all the external factors of the 2020 MBP, except that it was run by the latest M1 chip created by Apple.

The mediocre transition could have been the product of time constraints and the pandemic. Since that part is over, Apple is allegedly planning to introduce more noticeable changes to the MBP.

It starts mainly with the screen size. Last year’s model followed the 13-inch screen that Apple has had with the MBP for the past years. This year’s model is set to receive a slight facelift by bumping the screen size to 14 inches across. The best thing about this is that the main body of the laptop will remain the same in size.

It has long been rumored that Apple has been planning to introduce this upgrade, and it’s a refreshing note that it might actually happen soon. Accompanying the new 14-inch MBP is the standard 16-inch MBP.

Mini-LED may finally happen too on the laptops

As early as March 2020, Apple was rumored to be working on introducing mini-LED to its devices. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as fans awaited its debut on the 2020 iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone 12, and M1 MacBooks.

This 2021, the Cupertino-based company may finally deliver some truth to the new screen technology. In fact, the mini-LED may make its debut as early as March or April on the 2021 iPad Pro.

This new screen technology gives users a visual experience that cannot be matched by Apple’s existing screens. Blacks will be true blacks as mini-LED lights actually shut off. Bright colors will appear more vibrant with tiny bulbs working on achieving impeccable colors.

Of course, Apple will not just simply name the new mini-LED screens as just that. Apple fans can expect the company to come up with a unique name similar to Liquid Retina or Retina display.


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