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2021 MacBook Pro goes back to its roots, HDMI and SD ports return


The 2021 MacBook Pro models will reportedly have returning features such as the HDMI and SD ports for utility.

For the past couple of years, Apple pushed too hard on making the MacBooks thin and light. Unfortunately, it came at the price of performance. The MacBook failed massively primarily because it was underpowered. Apple crammed the problematic butterfly keyboard on it too, which gave a poor typing experience.

These problems weren’t limited to the MacBook. The MacBook Pros also had overheating and throttling issues, which were pricey mistakes for those that bought them.

Fortunately, the company is finally turning the page with its Apple Silicon transition. They are even starting on a pleasantly positive note.

2021 MacBook Pro returns to its functional roots

Apple’s Pro lineup has always been designed for users that need powerful computers to get things done. These people are normally in industries that require innovation and design. To be more specific, photographers, architects, videographers, and more.

It didn’t sit well with these people when Apple announced that it is dropping the HDMI and SD card slots from the MacBook Pros. Without exaggeration, the lifeblood of the majority of these creators is the SD cards.

So ever since Apple pushed too much on the USB Type-C ports, these users had to rely on dongles a lot. Fortunately, Apple has realized this and is finally bringing these two beloved features back.

The days with ugly dongles for HMDI ports and SD Card readers will finally be put behind. This bit of information was confirmed by both Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Both individuals reported that the functionality of the MacBook Pro in terms of port options is finally coming back.

MagSafe charging is also making a comeback

As if these two ports returning isn’t enough of good news, Kuo and Gurman also agree that MagSafe charging is making a comeback on the MacBook Pro.

It already made a cameo with the MagSafe charger on iPhones. In fact, it will only get better from there moving forward.

With the magnet-based charging port returning, users will not run the risk of destroying their expensive MacBook because of tripping over wires. It will also give back the oddly satisfying experience of hearing the charging port click safely on its spot.

There are two reported MacBooks arriving in 2021. Naturally, both these powerful computers will arrive with Apple Silicons. As to whether these will be the usual M1 chips will be up for debate. There are also rumors pointing to the idea that an upgraded Apple Silicon for Macs is coming this year.

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