25-year-old streamer Xposed pays off parents’ mortgage for Christmas gift


A popular Canadian streamer called Xposed has paid off his parents’ mortgage as a gift for the holiday season. And he is only 25 years of age.

Streaming has proven itself once again to be a lucrative gig. We have heard of the likes of Ninja, Shroud, and Pokimane in the video gaming space. But there are other less popular streamers that are nonetheless earning it big in their own space. One such streamer is Xposed—a Canada-based Twitch content creator whose focus is online casino gaming.

Fairly unknown yet popular

The streamer’s name might still be relatively oblivious, especially for the non-gamblers among the gaming community. But for those who share his interest, Xposed is a significantly big name to not be missed. Yet, this is a reputation that did not just simply grew overnight. Instead, it took him seven-long years to earn his place in people’s consciousness and earn the benefit from such attention. Not only does he now have 425,000 followers on Twitch, he also managed to grow a YouTube channel with 200,000 subscribers in it. It’s not a simple feat, given by the time he took to reach those numbers.

But while his growing popularity might be his ongoing winning streak outside of gambling, this year is a little different. As it appears, Xposed is temporarily shifting the attention from himself to those who matters to him—his family, particularly his parents. How exactly? By paying off his parents’ house’s mortgage, that is.

Real life gift-giving

In a brief video via Twitter, Xposed shows his surprise gift to his parents on the actual Christmas day. Essentially, a gift check containing an amount that aims to cover their house’s mortgage. Inevitably, leading to a dramatic moment of joyful tears from two parents who worked their asses off to raise their kids. Something which the now prominent streamer acknowledges himself, leading to the grand gift itself. Apart from giving off a large sum to finally their place of stay their own, the Canadian content creator is also urging his father to an early retirement.

Xposed is not alone in being a generous giver, however. There had been other streamers who have been known to be massive spenders for a cause as well. Others even as indirect as to encourage their subscribers to donate to small streamers instead of them. Not because they hated money, but because of wanting to share the blessing they were supposed to have. Talk about people who are genuinely blessed.

Image used courtesy of Xposed/YouTube Screenshot

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