2PM’s Wooyoung is up for Cosmopolitan Magazine

2PM’s Wooyoung graces Cosmopolitan Magazine, where he talked about his fellow band members and living by himself.

After the pictorial, Wooyoung sat in for an interview with the fashion outlet. He talked about how he feels about returning to the entertainment industry.

The military discharged him after finishing his compulsory military service earlier this year.

Look for other outputs

He did not think that he worries about his hiatus. Wooyoung puts on a dancer as an example.

They would come into a time when they can not dance regularly and worry about their bodies, not being the same as before.

He did not worry and thought that he has to use his body in the military on his side. He is learning to move in such a new way as it became another kind of “dancing” for him.

Trying something new

Wooyoung then shared his philosophy in approaching unpredictable trends in pop culture. The song My House of 2PM gave him more curiosity in looking at the culture because he had it experienced.

The song is something that he thought about and wanted to discuss. It is confusing for him sometimes, and he does not know what to do with it.

The method he chose is to keep trying. He felt that what he is doing is meaningless, or maybe wrong or right, but he is trying since it is trendy.

Wooyoung continued that it is important to consistently do what he likes rather than working hard to create something that he will be a hit musically or visually.

Wooyoung influencing the public

As his final thought, Wooyoung talked about influencing other people. It may be inevitable that his actions affect, but he will try his best since he is exposed to the public.

He had no idea how these things work and always thought to be more careful and hide at one point in his life.

Now, Wooyoung understands the impact he has on others, and he is more alert about the things around.

Image courtesy of 2pmhottest/YouTube Screenshot

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