3 best fighting Pokemons for players to use in ‘Pokemon Go’

Fighting Pokemons are the skills for Pokemon Go, and this list will help players choose the best.

Since Pokemon Go was first launched and came on the scene back in 2016, every single player wanted to acquire one basic fighting type Pokemon. So why are these Pokemons such a hit among players, and what makes them so favorable?

There have been around 18 different types of Pokemon released, and all their own weaknesses and strengths have been covered with the help of Pokedex.

The Pokedex is a map or a short notebook that lets all the players understand the kind of Pokemon they have, their statistics, weakness and strengths, and the best movements they carry.

How are Fighting Type Pokemon better than others?

However, time and time again, trainers always tend to fall back on one of the most popular types called the Fighting-type Pokemon. If you have heard about Machamp, then you have an idea of what is going on here.

There is about 74 total type of Fighting Pokemons in Pokemon Go, all strong, and muscle bounded, which moves often based on their martial arts.

In addition, there is a bonus for all the players. Fighting moves are super effective for taking attacks from other types, as is Ground, making them very good offensively. When it comes to Fighting moves, they are incredibly effective against the Normal Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel-type Pokemons in Pokemon Go.

Top three Fighting Type Pokemons in the game

So here are the top three fighting Pokemons in the game that players can get their hands on and catch all the other Pokemons as they want in a battle.

The top three Fighting-type Pokemons a trainer can use are Machamp, Conkeldurr, and Blaziken. As a fighting type Pokemon, Machamp is very strong, and they can come into the game easily, especially if players are searching at nearby parks.

But there is a catch.

Taking this Pokemon into your collection can be really hard since players have to take a special trick while throwing off the Pokeball towards them. This Pokemon is resistant to all the Bug, Rock, and Dark Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Conkeldurr is another fighting type Pokemon in the series that a trailer would want right in their Pokedex. It is a highly resistant Pokemon and can be used in battles against Rattata, Raticate, and Meowth.

Lastly, there is Blaziken. It is a fire and a fighting type Pokemon, and currently, it is a boss in the special Tier 3 raids that are happening in the Pokemon Go events. This amazing Pokemon is completely resistant to 6 types of Pokemons in the match, making it really difficult to take it down.


Image courtesy of RaZzi/YouTube

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