3 Best mini-ITX PC cases for saving space and portability

Portable PC cases became the norm as the demand for lightweight powerful computers went high. The issue is computers are usually large to lug around. The problem with portability is easily solved by building a rig with the best mini-ITX PC cases available today.

Mini-ITX PC cases are often ignored a few years back. Mid-tower computers take the bulk of sales in the market due to its size and features. However, the best mini-ITX PC cases today can rival these features. Some of these cases are even better.

There are several pros and cons of mini-ITX computer cases. These cases are small, portable, and lightweight. Some even have handles for easy transport.

However, these cases have limited storage caddies, and some units do not support standard-sized PC components.

With that being said, here is a round-up of the best mini-ITX PC cases available in the market.

1. NZXT H200i

NZXT H200i inside the best mini-ITX Pc cases

NZXT has released great PC cases in the past and continues to do so today. The NZXT H200i is part of its H-series cases that have the same visual aesthetics.

The H200i is the smaller brother of the mid-tower H700i. It has a minimalist look to it with different color options. The case is limited to mini-ITX parts, though.

This case comes equipped with NZXT’s proprietary smart hub. This allows the user to control and sync RGB accessories in the case. It has two regular 120mm fans and an RGD led strip out of the box.

Despite the great looks and excellent features, the H200i suffers in the airflow department. The front panel only has little vents on the side, limiting air intake.

One solution to this is the use of fans with higher static pressure. However, that is an added cost to the user.

The NZXT H200i costs US$130 [AU$202], but for the features included, it is worth it. There is ample room for cable management and enough space for storage devices. The minimalist NZXT look makes it even better.

2. InWin A1

InWin A1 best mini-ITX PC cases

The InWin A1 has one of the smallest form factors for a mini-ITX case. It has a compact, sleek, and feature-packed design. This design favors SSDs, though, as there is no 3.5-inch drive bay available.

There are two unique reasons to go for the A1:

  • First, there is an included 600-watt PSU that is 80 Plus Bronze certified. This maximizes power draw efficiently.
  • The second reason is the built-in wireless Qi charger on top. Just place a wireless charging enabled device on the top part of the case and it will charge wirelessly.

In terms of space, there is enough for a discreet graphics card and a CPU cooler with 160mm height.

Cooling is enough, thanks to the 120mm bottom and side intake and a 120mm rear exhaust. The exhaust vent also works for 120mm radiators.

There is also a transparent stand that makes the PC case seem like floating when an RGB lighting kit is installed. The tempered glass side panel also exposes the PC components. Add some RGB accessories, and it is visually pleasing.

This case is quite pricey, though. It currently retails for $199.

3. Cooler Master Elite 110

Cooler Master Elite 110

Some PC cases get really expensive as more features are added. For those with a limited budget, the Cooler Master Elite 110 is the best small-form-factor option.

The Elite 110 may not have all the fancy features of other cases, but it works. It is one of those cases where “less is more” is implemented in a really good way. All the basics are done right.

For a mini-ITX case, the Elite 110 gets a little troublesome to install. This is due to its very tiny size. Reaching out some parts makes it a little difficult.

The good thing is that the case supports regular ATX power supplies. It also supports a lot of storage options, unlike the InWin A1.

For $40, this is one of the cheapest mini-ITX PC cases available today. Judging by its price, it is easy to miss that it supports dedicated graphics cards up to 8.3-inches long. It even supports 120mm AIOs.

What is the purpose of RGB features if it limits storage space and functionality? Luckily, the Elite 110 is among the most functional PC cases.

The budget-friendly price and utilitarian features make it one of the best mini-ITX PC cases available today.

Images courtesy of NZXT, InWin, CoolerMaster, krisolar/Shutterstock

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