3 NBA budding superstars that can open the floodgates

3 NBA budding superstars that can open the floodgates

The NBA offseason is ripe to unleash budding superstars that have been itching to get the control of their own teams.

In the NBA offseason, there are always two scenarios that happen. First, big-name superstars are traded for each other to create superteams. Second, franchise tent poles are traded away to give way to potential superstars.

This 2019 offseason was laden with so many trades and signing that created super teams. Some succeeded, but some failed based on this year’s Playoffs results. This 2020 offseason will not be as hot as the previous one. Nevertheless, there are still potential moves that can unleash budding superstars.

Brandom Ingram fits among the NBA superstars

The New Orleans Pelicans is a team that has a treasure trove of young and upcoming players. The long list includes Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Jaxon Hayes, and Zion Williamson. Currently leading the team on and off the court is Jrue Holiday, who will be a strong trade asset this offseason.

For so long, Holiday took hold of the team and kept the team at bay when needed. However, Jrue isn’t the superstar that the Pelicans need anymore. As such, the team needs to clear the path for Ingram to take over. They can move Jrue to another team and collect assets that can be a strong supporting cast for Brandom Ingram.

Ingram was an All-Star and had a breakout year this season. Unfortunately, he and the Pelicans failed again to crack the Playoffs. Maybe shaking the roster up and removing Holiday will be the key to unlock the true superstardom potential of Ingram.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander can be a Chris Paul in the making

The OKC was the over-achiever this year. Analysts counted them out very early in the season. However, they failed to consider that it was Chris Paul who was manning the helm. As such, for a surprise to many, the OKC Thunder took the fifth seed. They even brought the Rockets to a thrilling 7-game series in the first round.

It is safe to say that everything that the OKC Thunder has gone through was enough to ignite the fire in Shai’s belly. Also, the trials they’ve had to go through were more than enough to push him into maturity. Therefore, trading Chris Paul to another team to give him a chance at an NBA ring would be best for the team and him.

On the one hand, the OKC Thunder gets to keep Shai to control the pace of the team. On the other, Chris Paul is let loose for him to chase that elusive ring in his 16th season in the NBA.

Caris Levert and Spencer Dinwiddie need their own NBA runway

The Brooklyn Nets will be one of the most talked-about teams in the league next season. They will get two of the most polarizing players back in full shape. Unfortunately, their return may be a step towards the wrong direction for Levert and Dinwiddie.

These two players will be relegated to backup positions, when in fact, they are true-blue budding superstars in their own rights. While Irving and Durant were in rehab, Dinwiddie and Levert buoyed the team into relevance. As such, moving them to another team may be best for them.

However, the Nets will most likely not let go of these assets unless they’re traded for an equally talented haul.

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