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4 best Qi wireless charging power bank available in the market today


Wireless charging is a feature that is found on the upper mid-range to flagship phones. Choosing a Qi wireless charging power bank is difficult. The market has a lot of options, but some of them do not work well.

Using a Qi wireless charging power bank is a great option for people on the go. Leaving the house without worrying about unnecessary cables saves time as well.

People who are working in the office may also take advantage of this feature. Just put your device on the power bank and it charges wirelessly.

The Qi wireless charging power banks available in the market are average compared to wired counterparts. However, there are some that work pretty well.

1. Kenu BingeBank

One problem that wireless charging power banks have is the capability of a smartphone to stay in place. Kenu offers a great reusable adhesive pad that keeps the phone in place while charging.

The BingeBank has a 10,000mAh capacity. It roughly translates to two full charges on an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If wired charging is preferred, the BingeBank has a USB-C port with fast charging. There is also a USB-A 3.0 port that supports Quick Charge 3.0.

For a Qi wireless charging power bank, the Kenu BingeBank is the top choice. It has a lot of juice while keeping the smallest footprint possible. It also serves as a phone stand, so the device can charge wirelessly while notifications are still monitored.

2. Aukey Wireless Power Bank PD

Aukey is a known brand for its mobile accessories. The Aukey Wireless Power Bank is another great option for wireless charging.

It supports power delivery charging for PD enabled devices. It has the same capacity as the BingeBank with quick charging support, and at an affordable price.

However, it falls short in the extra features. The Aukey Wireless Power Bank does not have a built-in stand. Using the wireless charger means that the smartphone must lay flat on a table whenever in use.

3. Scosche QiDock Power Bank

If the Aukey works while lying down, then the Scosche QiDock Power Bank is another option for those who prefer a phone stand-style power bank for home use.

The Scosche QiDock props into a stand to charge itself. This also serves as a phone stand whenever the phone is charging. When used outside, it works the same as the Aukey Wireless Power Bank.

The QiDock only has half the capacity of the Aukey Wireless Power Bank and the Kenu BingeBank. This makes the Scosche an option for quick runs outside. However, the 5,000mAh battery falls short for a whole day out.

There is a USB-A port available for charging devices without Qi capability. But, the USB-C port included only work for charging the power bank. It would have been better if Scosche allowed output for the  USB-C as it is already there.

4. Honokui 10000mAh mini wireless power bank

Carrying a power bank adds weight whenever going out. Power banks with large capacities weigh a lot and it is sometimes impractical to bring one.

However, Honokui managed to pack 10,000mAH of power on a very small form factor. It also has an external LCD that displays the percentage left. Plus, it supports Quick Charge 3.0 and power delivery charging.

When charging wired, there is a built-in stand that props the phone up. It is a nice touch considering the device’s size.

For less than US$30[AU$46], Honokui made a great deal with this device. It is the easiest to carry among the Qi wireless charging power banks in the market today.

Images used courtesy of Kenu, Scosche, Honokui/Amazon, Aukey/Amazon, blackzheep/Shutterstock

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