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4 crucial ‘Grounded’ tips to stay alive and survive


Grounded is a smash hit so far, now with 1 million players trying it in 48 hours. For players looking into joining the fun, the first thing they need to learn is to stay alive.

For a super fun game, Grounded can be quite brutal for total newbies. There are many ways that players can die. It doesn’t help that the Early Access release is not balanced yet.

Even then, there are many ways to survive the backyard. Knowing the best of them can give players better longevity.

Explore, pick up everything and analyze

When starting in the backyard, players need to remember to explore, pick up, and analyze. Many items in the game look and feel unimportant. It’s smart to pick up every loot available and run them under the Analyzer.

The Analyzer within the Field Station appraises materials and their various uses. Sprigs, saps, and grasses are all superb base items for much better equipment. Field Stations will keep unlocking more crafting recipes.

Field Stations have limited uses, many needing to recharge. Always start analysis on a starter item or a material that can complete a current crafting recipe.

Prioritize survival basics

In the backyard, survival is the priority every time. The story quests are fun to do, but cutting back on the danger is what players need.

Much like real life, the vital areas to secure are food, clothing, and shelter. These are all easy to do when starting in Grounded.

First, collect everything needed to make tools and find food and water sources. Mushrooms are a great starter source for food, with acorns and bug meat being the other. Water is common around the environment, from dew drops to juice.

Once players find a food source like a juice box or soda can, it’s best to build a makeshift home nearby. Create a lean-to base, preferably on elevated areas, to prevent insect infestation.

Gear up as soon as possible

Clothing in the game consists of hard shell armors called gears. Players will find themselves fighting insects and eventually discover they are excellent sources of protection.

Once players find the oak tree in the story, players will gain access to hammers. This tool will help them crush hard materials like acorns. Acorns are some of the toughest starter armors in-game.

Look for perks. A full set of ant armor, for example, prevents ants from attacking.

Learn the basics of moving combat

The most important thing to learn in the game is good combat instincts. Unlike Minecraft’s Steve, the backyard kids are agile and mobile but don’t have a ton of strength. It’s crucial to learn how to move around, evade, juke, and kite enemies.

Fighting in the game means managing player stamina. Much like Dark Souls, an attack eats stamina. The smart way to battle is to evade or parry, then attack and move out.

Always fight one on one if there is no help around. Pull away enemies from groups and fight them in elevated positions. Pick them one by one.

Grounded is still in Early Access, so gameplay can still change. Even then, learning the basics is always a smart move.

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