4 iPhones, 2 Apple Watches set for a massive September release

4 iPhones, 2 Apple Watches set for a massive September release

Four new iPhones and two Apple Watches are set for a massive release in the September event of Apple after several delays.

It’s Apple’s turn to take over the spotlight. Last night, Samsung just capped off a very busy year with the official launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. There weren’t many new details unveiled, but the fleshed-out information on the device is a welcome addition.

Now, it’s up to Apple to close off the year with a bang. It hasn’t necessarily been an easy year for tech companies. Production timings and launches have been pushed off because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, things seem to be looking upwards.

Four new iPhones set for release

Due to the delay in production, massive leaks about the new iPhones have circulated online. The major detail about the new lineup is that it will feature four new 5G phones. These new handsets will be the company’s first 5G capable devices. Although a year late, Apple fanatics are expected to go crazy over the new specs.

The iPhones, according to Jon Prosser, will be released in a staggered fashion. The regular 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch will hit the shelves earlier. The 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro models will arrive later. Nevertheless, all these four phones will be released in one massive online event.

Unlike the rumored iPad, the iPhones will still have the Lightning port as its main charging port. It also hasn’t been confirmed if the new phones will sport the mini-LED screens which the iPads will have.

4 iPhones, 2 Apple Watches set for a massive September release

Two new Apple Watches for options

Apple is also expected to highlight its new smartwatch offerings. Not only will it unveil the successor to the Apple Watch 5, but it will also launch an entry-level Apple Watch SE. The former is for the premium market while the latter will be launched to fend off smartwatches that cater to the lower-end market.

The Apple Watch 6 will come in packed with a bunch of health features. Highlighting the upgrade pack is the sleep tracking feature. In addition, it is also rumored that the Apple Watch will have sensors capable of detecting panic attacks before they even happen.

The Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, will be a watered-down version of the Apple Watch 5. It will allegedly only come in one size, and its form factor will be similar to the Apple Watch 3. Nevertheless, the brain under the chassis is expected to be the latest chipset that the Apple Watch 6 will have.

The new iPhones and Apple Watches are expected to be released sometime in September.

Images from David Švihovec/Unsplash

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