4 new Steam games released that are worth checking out

4 new Steam games released that are worth checking out

There are a lot of games getting released on Steam weekly, but these four new Steam games are definitely worth playing right now.

It is hard to keep track of all of the new Steam games as many of them can sometimes be overlooked by the discounted games.

Nonetheless, here are the best games released this past few days. Some of these titles are free, while some costs around US$15[AU$23].

1. Enemy on Board

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To jumpstart our list is Enemy on Board. It is a free-to-play sci-fi game that uses the gameplay of the notable boardgame Werewolf.

The game starts with six players in total. three of which are humans, while two players take the role of aliens and the other one is a cyborg.

It is now up to the four players to decide who the aliens are. At the same time, the aliens work alongside them in order to deceive and confuse the innocent crew.

There are several skills and abilities for every character just like the board games. It is currently in its early access version, but it is already very much playable.

2. Dark Light

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There will always be a 2D platform game that will come out every now and then that is worth getting.

Dark Light is set in an apocalyptic cyberpunk world full of unknown beings. These supernatural beings are not seen by the naked eye. It can only be illuminated by the player’s light drone.

The player takes the role of a Dark-Hunter that aims to defeat the supernatural. There are upgrades and powerups along the way as the game progresses.

One great thing about this game is its cinematic vibe. The visuals are not as stunning as AAA titles, but the colors and the smooth movement make it an excellent game.

It is currently in early access as well. But, the developers are offering a 10% discount today.

3. KnotBot

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Solve puzzles and exercise the mind while playing KnotbotIt is a new puzzle game wherein the player must program an AI to solve various challenges.

Instead of strings of numbers and letters, Knotbot solves coding problems through yarns and knots. Coding is a challenging topic. This clever way of coding makes it easy to understand especially for non-techy people.

There are several areas in the game. All of which have several puzzles that need to be solved. Playing the game has a therapeutic feel to it because of the soundtrack that accompanies it.

Another goal is to collect all the golden socks scattered through every level. Finish a level within the time limit and collect the rare golden socks.

Knotbot is on sale on Steam right now. The promo ends on May 16, so make sure to grab it while it lasts.

4. Wintermoor Tactics Club

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Here is another addition to the growing number of tactical RPGs available. Wintermoor Tactics Club is a game perfect for visual novel enthusiasts.

The game revolves around the high school at the Wintermoor Academy. Now that the principal has threatened all the clubs to close down, it is up to the protagonist Alicia to save the tactics club.

All of these are decided by a snowball fight. There are several clubs in the game that should be defeated such as The Young Monarchists club and The Psychic Detectives.

Imagination is limitless and it is Alicia’s key to winning the school snowball fight. All the fights happen in a turn-based manner. It is up to the player to strategize and maximize the skills of Alicia and her friends.

For story lovers and RPG fans, this is among the nicest new Steam games released in the past few days.

Featured image courtesy of Enemy on Board/Steam

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