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4 of the best Android strategy games released this 2020


Strategy games are often overlooked in favor of action shooters or other role-playing games. However, Android strategy games can bring a whole lot of fun in a mind-bending way.

Android strategy games are thought of as the genre for deep thinkers. But that is not the real case. These puzzle games do not have the run and gun shoot everyone kind of mechanics. But, it has the same amount of action delivered in a unique manner.

These are some of the Android strategy games worth downloading. Prepare your thinking chair ala Blues Clues for the following games will surely exercise the mind.

1. Tropico

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At first glance, Tropico seems like the regular simulation game. However, it requires strategic planning for every step that the player must do to its country.

The premise of the game is simple. The player is a dictator that must lead the country to a prosperous future. But that task is not easy, one mistake may lead to a coup d’état that will bring the El Presidente down.

This game involves a lot of strategies. Not only do the buildings created to be placed in the perfect area, but it should also have enough manpower to run efficiently.

There are challenges that arise on the island. It is up to the player if he or she wants to resort to violence or solve the problem in a diplomatic way.

It has a total of 15 campaigns available. Enough to keep the player going for weeks. There is even a sandbox mode that allows the player to do everything on the island. Imagination is the limit.

2. Holedown

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The gameplay of Holedown is simple. Break bricks using the balls and collect crystals along the way.

This game requires a lot of strategy in order to make the brick-breaking efficient. There are times wherein the perfect angle must be checked properly before starting to shoot.

This ensures that a wide range of bricks are destroyed before the balls run out.

Some bricks are shaped differently. This allows the player to do some trick shots and bounce the ball a lot of times. Other balls hit some bricks repeatedly destroying them easily.

Holedown is kind of a puzzle-arcade game that takes up a lot of time. It is perfect for quick plays while in public transportation or for short work breaks.

3. Bad North

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The real-time strategy game Bad North is created by the Plausible Concept for mobile devices, PC, and game consoles. It focuses on real-time tactics gameplay with two modes available—normal and hard.

Bad North’s goal is to defend the player’s kingdom from invading Vikings. All of the attacks happen while the villagers are being evacuated to safety.

The challenge and mind exercises come when Vikings attack. The antagonists come from all sides of the island. It is up to the player to be able to defend it while keeping the casualties low.

There are upgrades available in order to level up weapons and defenses. The enemies get tougher in the later stages. Thus the player has to think of the upgrade patterns carefully.

4. Vainglory

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Just because a game is a MOBA, doesn’t mean that it does no longer fit into the strategy category. Vainglory has a lot of planning involved in order to win games.

Some might say that to win a MOBA, one must go ahead and destroy the turrets. It is easy to say but hard to execute on this game. In order to stomp enemies easily, the strategy comes in at the hero picking screen.

Once the perfect synergy between heroes is chosen, it is now time to farm efficiently, while thinking ahead of the opponents. Proper communication with teammates is another key to winning as well.

Vainglory packs a lot of action with lots of unique features. This makes it one of the best Android strategy games available this year.

Featured image courtesy of Tropico/Google Play Store

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