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5 best new Steam games to be released this week


There are thousands of games available on Steam right now. This gaming platform releases a dozen titles on average every day. Some of these new Steam games are often ignored in favor of well-known titles.

Several new Steam games pop out every day on each game genre available. Whether it is a role-playing game or a platform shooter, players have a lot to choose from.

Upon the sea of games released over the past week, here are the top new Steam games available for everyone.

1. Moving Out

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Moving Out is Overcooked but in a different scenario. Instead of rushing to cook orders for a restaurant, Moving Out focuses on moving lots of furniture from inside a house onto the moving truck.

This game offers local co-op for up to four players ensuring a great bonding time with friends or family. Bonding might be an overstatement because Overcook fuels wars and it might be the same with this new game.

Kidding aside, there are a lot of characters to choose from ranging from humans to dogs.

The only downside that the Moving Out has is its lack of online multiplayer. It would have been perfect during the pandemic to play this with friends through an online connection. Hopefully, SMG Studios push an update that allows online multiplayer.

2. LevelHead

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Platform maker games allow players to build and create their own 2D platform game and LevelHead is no exception. It has several features that allow players to create different challenging levels. Once a level is created, it can be shared with all LevelHead players for them to play on.

There is a campaign mode wherein the player takes control of GR-18, a delivery robot. The goal is to finish 90+ levels while unlocking new Avatars.

Butterscotch Shenanigans launched this game as its contender in the platform genre this 2020. If establishing the game this year is the developer’s goal, then it’s off to a great start.

This new Steam game is also available on several gaming platforms such as the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Cross-play is available, which is great for players of different consoles. This also means that level creation and game support is extensive.

3. Fire Escape

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For a VR game, Fire Escape brings a great mix of excitement and thrill at the same time. This new game from iNK Stories tells a thrilling story through eavesdropping.

Fire Escape is like a Netflix drama that can be binge-watched in one sitting. It is an interactive thriller separated into three 20-minute episodes, which is the perfect length.

The game starts with a murder happening in an apartment complex. The player needs to solve the murder and unravel the truth by listening to the intimate conversations of his neighbors.

As the story progresses, the challenge of picking the perfect choice gets harder.

It is understandable that not everyone has a virtual reality headset lying around. The game is playable on the standard mouse and keyboard combo. However, the advantage of playing it on VR is the full immersion into the game.

The visuals and the art style are great—perfect for virtual reality.

Fire Escape is available on Steam right now. As the pandemic continue to trouble the world, iNK Stories is offering 25% of game profits to COVID-19 relief efforts.

4. Another Brick in the Mall

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Supermarkets and malls are part of everyday life. It is one of the businesses that provide essential goods, thus the profit is great. Owning one is probably a dream come true for some.

The Quadsphere makes that dream come true with its new game Another Brick in the Mall.

Another Brick in the Mall is a simulation game that lets the player build and create their own giant shopping center, complete with supermarkets, department stores, movie theaters, and anything that can be placed inside a mall.

The player also has to design the look of the mall as well as hire people as managers, cashiers, and retail persons. The challenge comes from building the giant shopping center from scratch.

There are hardships included in the game such as unsatisfied customers and inefficient queues. The options are really limitless in-game.

5. Change: A Homeless Survival Experience

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Delve Interactive’s Change is a rogue-like survival game set in a random city. The player has to explore and survive the harsh world by interacting with its environment. By finding items in-game, the character develops and pursues a new life.

Where to sleep? Who to beg? Will he get mugged?

These were the questions that will pop up as the game progresses. Pretty realistic compared to other role-playing games.

According to the developers, this game is dedicated to the indifferences of the world that they experienced several years ago. This makes the in-game experiences almost true to life. The hardships and the vulnerability that they experienced back then translates into the game. This gives the game a genuine and unique feel to it.

Just like iNK Stories, Delve Interactive will be donating proceeds of the game into COVID-19 relief efforts. This makes the game one of the best new Steam games released this week besides its features.

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