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5 of the best Android games to play this May


With a host of Android game apps available on the Google Play Store, it may be hard to choose which Android games to install.

Here are five of the best Android games available on the Google Play Store this May. Some of these apps are not free but rest assured that the small fee is worth it for these games.

1. Bridge Constructor Portal

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There are plenty of games in the bridge construction genre. As the name implies, the player has to create bridges in order for the characters to move from one place to another.

This time, Bridge Constructor Portal takes the genre to the next level.

The game merges the first Bridge Constructor game and the PC game Portal. The premise of the game allows the user to create several unique bridges inside the Aperture Science Labs.

Similar to Portal, this game maximizes the usage of portals, aerial faith plates, propulsion, and repulsion gels in order to complete the needed tasks.

There are challenges present in the game, such as sentry turrets, laser fields, acids, and many more.

So to whom is the game for?

Bridge Constructor Portal is for people who are fond of playing puzzle games that are innovated to be more difficult. Every level gives a different challenge that requires out-of-the-box thinking.

2. Game Dev Tycoon

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First released in 2012, Game Dev Tycoon continues to impress in the business simulation genre. For lovers of simulation games like Sim City, this game is a must-try.

It follows the characters’ adventures as a game developer in the ’80s. As the games created gets published, the player moves to an office and expand the team into a gaming development empire.

Game Dev Tycoon gives the players the freedom to choose which genre to create. Several game types are available, such as action or role-playing games.

Looking at the game’s Play Store listing, the developers noted that there are secret features included that are not mentioned to prevent spoilers.

The game retails for US$5 [AU$7.79] on the Play Store, and it is affordable for a game that can be played for a long time.

It is a one-time fee, but the advantage is that there are no in-app purchases or ads, giving it a smooth gaming experience.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

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Among the first-person shooters (FPS) available in Android, Call of Duty: Mobile tops them all.

This game is one of the most popular games available. The feature-rich gameplay and great graphics make it the top choice for FPS lovers.

The game gained its popularity due to the high number of players taking advantage of online multiplayer. The introduction of the battle royale mode added to its popularity.

It is also one of the few FPS games that are free to play yet is full of activities.

Do take note, though, that there are in-app purchases in this game. These are mostly cosmetic upgrades and do not directly contribute to the strength of a player in-game. Ignore these purchases, and the game can still be played to its fullest.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a new game. There are still some bugs present, and some aspects of the game need to be tweaked.

Despite that, the pros outweigh the cons, and Call of Duty is undoubtedly part of the best Android games available today.

4. Grid Autosport

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The Asphalt series of racing games can be considered the staple when it comes to mobile racing games.

Today, Grid Autosport is on its way to take that spot from Asphalt. Grid checks all the in-game aspects that a racing game should have and the developers executed it well.

Grid Autosport boasts that the game is the “buy once, play forever” kind. There are no ads present in-game, and the features are unlockable as the game progresses.

There is controller support for those who prefer playing with physical buttons.

The game retails for $10, which is pricey for an Android game, but it can provide the best racing experience, no doubt.

5. Vainglory

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Mobile Legends: Bangbang might the first one to be suggested when it comes to Android multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs). But Vainglory should not be left in the conversation.

Created by SuperEvil Megacorp, this game features a large number of playable characters. Mechanics that are usually found on PC MOBAs are also carried over into the game, such as the three-lane combat.

The end goal is to destroy the enemy’s base, but it is not easy. Strategy, team composition, and item builds are crucial to the game. There might be a learning curve for people who are new to MOBA, but it is worth giving a try.

Vainglory is clearly a contender when it comes to the best Android games in the MOBA category.

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