505 Games delist DLC pages for ‘Control’ on Steam

'Control Ultimate Edition' coming to Steam this month

505 Games has now removed the option to buy DLC for Control on Steam. The studio now has two DLCs and the Season Pass removed from the platform.

So far, 505 Games seems to have retired the option for downloadable content. At the moment, the only way to get the DLC for the game is to buy Control: Ultimate Edition from Steam.

Season Pass and DLC removed from Steam

First spotted by people from Resetera, the DLC pages are not out of commission and retired. The Steamdb pages for Control – The Foundation and Control – AWE confirm as much.

So far, this poses a problem for people who only have the vanilla game. Those who are unable to get the DLC would need to buy the entire game all over again. At the moment, gamers can solve the issue by buying Season Pass from Humble, currently at half price.

Other than the Humble option, there’s no other way for players to get the DLCs separately. It’s best to grab the DLC as soon as possible. There’s also one other way to get Control with both vanilla and DLC separately.

The Epic Games Store still has the entire game, with both base and DLC sold separately. Even then, that’s not useful for players who have it on Steam.

Humble promotion likely the reason for Season Pass

505 Games removing the DLC for Control offers a few separate issues for gamers. The first issue is the price, considering players would need to get the game again in full. Even then, Control: Ultimate Edition is at $40, which is much cheaper than full price.

Control so shouldn’t have offered the DLC and Season Pass if they planned on removing them. Control launched on the Epic Games Store as part of an exclusivity deal. Once it came out on Steam, 505 only planned to add the Ultimate Edition.

From what it seems, 505 only wanted the Season Pass and DLC sold separately for their Humble Choice Bundle. Now that the promotion finished, 505 looks to remove these other options, going back to the Ultimate Edition.

The situation is likely more confusing than it seems to be. The only correct move from this point forward is either getting the DLCs or stopping thinking about it. For those who enjoyed the game, it’s best to buy the Season Pass now.

With 505 Games removing the DLCs, players can only hope that no further problems arise. Control is available on all platforms, from PC, console to the Switch.

Featured image courtesy of Control Remedy/Youtube Screenshot

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