5G COVID-19 conspiracy theory widely dismissed in China

China has a massive 5G network. However, unlike in western countries, the country does not believe in conspiracy theories linking 5G to COVID-19 pandemic.

Conspiracy theories linking 5G networks to the spread of coronavirus have been widely dismissed by experts. However, this does not stop fringe groups from speculating about the connection of the two.

These groups are popular in many social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Theories claiming that 5G network affects hair fall, kills birds, and causes cancer are just some of their claims.

Experts believe that theories like this have severely affected the adoption of 5G networks. Some people are actively protesting to ban the establishment of cellular networks in their area.

Things are different in China

China has a massive 5G network, perhaps the biggest in the world. Because of this rollout, majority of Chinese citizens dismiss these conspiracy theories about 5G networks. Adoption of the technology in China is so massive that some companies are even using it for viral marketing campaigns.

Some experts are pointing to China’s massive state media as one of the reasons why conspiracy theories are not popular in the country. Having a powerful state media means that China can essentially dismiss any story that it deems inappropriate for public consumption.

Moreover, China is also busy promoting the successful 5G network rollout in the country. More than 130,000 base stations were constructed in 2019. This massive success raises trust towards the technology, thus dismissing conspiracy theories being linked to it.

Discussions about coronavirus conspiracies are still present in some Chinese social media platforms. However, these conspiracy theories do not link the spread of the virus with 5G network.

Medical and tech experts all agree that it does not cause the spread of coronavirus. However, they agree that most people usually treat new technologies with undue criticism.

China as leader of 5G technology

China is one of the first countries to massively adopt 5G technology. The adoption is part of its “Made in China 2025” initiative. Essentially, China wants to turn itself into a tech powerful within the foreseeable future.

Recent reports claim that China is now well underway for the development of the tech’s ultimate successor, 6G. China’s Ministry of Science and Technology is reportedly working on a 6G network with close to zero latency. The research appears to be in early development, with the People’s Liberation Army being one of the early adopters.

Images courtesy of Macau Photo Agency/Unsplash and Fusion Medical Animation/Unsplash

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