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Six best fast iPhone chargers to top up your device quickly


Apple devices such as iPhones do not have the fastest charging capability. But, there are fast iPhone chargers available in the market that can increase the charging rate.

The USB Power Delivery (PD) charging rate was introduced when the iPhone 8 came out. However, Apple only ships an 18-watt charger on the iPhone 11-series. Fast iPhone chargers are not included out of the box.

iPhone models such as the iPhone 10-series or older require third-party solutions to take advantage of USB-PD. These chargers should also have a USB-C output considering that iPhones come with a USB-A to USB-C charger.

There are several factors when choosing a charging brick. These factors include the number of ports, number of devices, wattage, size, and a lot more.

With that being said, here are some of the best fast iPhone chargers available in the market. These chargers are well-received in the community and have positive reviews over-all.

1. Anker Powerport PD-2

When it comes to smartphone cables and chargers, users cannot go wrong with Anker. The Anker Powerport PD-2 has been around for a while. But it still one of the best fast iPhone chargers available today.

The Powerport PD-2 has an 18-watt USB-C PD port for fast charging. A 12-watt USB-A port is also available.

This charging has a folding charging plug making it small enough to carry around.

2. Anker Powerport PD 60W 5-Port wall charger

This charging block is humongous for a reason. It has 5-ports for simultaneous charging. The Anker Powerport PD 60W includes a USB-C port that supports 30W charging. The remaining four ports support 12W charging, which is perfect for older Apple devices.

Anker ships this device with a bonus USB-C charger. However, users must purchase a separate USB-C to lightning cable or a USB-A to lightning cable.

3. Apple 18W USB-C Adapter

Apple is selling its fast charger for its devices. The proprietary 18W charging brick is a sure way to charge a device without worrying about compatibility.

However, this charging brick only has one USB-C port. The lightning connector is also sold separately.

The good thing is this device is not as expensive as the other options.

4. Aukey Focus Duo 30W dual-port charger

Smart chargers regulate charging, depending on the device. The Aukey Focus Duo has a smart power management system. This allows the charging brick to charge simultaneously while balancing the power output levels.

The USB-C port supports up to 30W charging. Using both ports, divide the power into 18W for USB-C and 12W for USB-A.

These charging brick does not include any cables as well.

5. Aukey Swift 18W PD charger

The Aukey Swift 18W charger is a budget option. It is also one of the smallest chargers on the list—thanks to the folding plug feature.

It outputs 18W on its single USB-C port. Using this charger on an iPhone yields a charging speed of 50% in just half an hour.

The small form factor makes it easy to carry around. It is also small enough to fit sling bags or small purses.

6. Native Union Smart Charger PD 18W

For someone who travels frequently, the Native Union Smart Charger is the best option. This charger includes an EU, UK, and US adapters for compatibility.

This device supports USB-C charging with 18W output, as the name implies. The second USB-A port has a 12W output for other devices.

It is bigger than some models, but the form factor is rectangular, similar to an external hard drive. This charger is easy to pack and carry due to its slim profile.

The Native Union Smart Charger sums up this list of fast iPhone chargers. However, these chargers are not exclusive to Apple devices. Other Android smartphones may also take advantage of the USB-C power delivery output.

Images used courtesy of Aukey Swift, Aukey Focus Duo, Anker 5 Port, Anker PD-2, Native Union, Apple, Mike Mozart/Flicker

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