6 best miniseries you can now watch exclusively on HBO Max


Watching seasons is one of the best ways to get hooked on something for weeks and even months but who has time for it. So, how about indulge your binge-watching craving by streaming some of the best miniseries on HBO Max from Australia.

You can find miniseries of any genre on HBO Max from period drama and historical events to mystery thrillers. There is no shortage of options.

So, for your comfort, I have prepared a list of the 5 best miniseries that you must watch on HBO Max.



Who can forget the infamous nuclear disaster and its aftereffects? HBO Max miniseries Chernobyl shows the complete reenactment of behind the scenes of the disaster’s gruesome effects on people’s bodies and health. The series uncovers the wrongdoing and negligence of people in authority that resulted in the biggest nuclear disaster of history.
This five-episode miniseries is one of the highest-rated TV shows that will keep you engaged from the very first second.

The Honorable Woman


This HBO Max miniseries unfolds the story of a woman in her mid-thirties Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a daughter of the CEO of the arm dealing organization that he established. Nessa saw her father’s murder as a kid, and the series unfolds the story from the same place. After 28 years, Nessa inherited her father’s business and proposed a business meeting.

That is a little detail; however, it addresses one of The Honorable Woman’s essential motifs, an aware reconciliation of Palestine and Israel in the international maelstrom.

The Plot Against America


If you like to watch alternative timeline theory then you are going to love this 6-episode miniseries on HBO Max. The series, set in World War II, tells the story of alternative American history narrated by the middle-class Jewish family, as Aviator Charles Lindbergh secures the presidency, and diverts the nation’s interest towards dictatorship.

The series is based on Philip Roth’s novel of the same name and thrillingly exposes the story of manipulators and fascists.

Sharp Objects


This thrilling mystery miniseries sets in terrifying Southern Gothic tells the story of a reporter’s homecoming where she encounters her psychological demons while covering a vicious murder case. The 6 episodes series display one of the best self-harm depictions on television. Furthermore, the strikingly amazing performances of Patricia Clarkson and Amy Adams are the highlight of the series.

Nominated for 8 Primetime Emmys, this mystery thriller drama is a must-watch to have a spine-chilling experience.

Band of Brothers


HBO’s World War II miniseries Band of Brothers managed more conventional “men on a mission” stories, allowing people to become acquainted with a gathering of warriors as they traveled from fundamental training to the European theater, prior to ending up at Birds Nest of Hitler.

However, this Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks-delivered series is more about the amazing holding experience of battle than about deadly sociopaths and perilous incompetents, Band Of Brothers doesn’t avoid this present reality impact of battle, for example, liquor abuse, shell shock, heartlessness, and brutal demises. The series has a clear storyline and some emotional surges; however, it never feels anything but reality.

Show Me a Hero


The political drama set in 1987, in the midst of racial segregation, Nick Wasicsko (Yonkers Mayor) has been delegated the task to settle a low-income class society in the white neighborhood and its aftermaths that result in mayhem in the city.

Witness what happens when an unstoppable force (Nick Wasicsko) collides with the immovable object (the establishment). The miniseries will make you have roller-coaster emotions of hope and misery.

Wrapping Up

Streaming in lockdown is addictive so start streaming these miniseries and enjoy your time in lockdown with amazing storylines.

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