7.5 million players got free copy of ‘Total War Saga: Troy’

7.5 million players got a free copy of 'Total War Saga: Troy'

Total War Saga: Troy is breaking records as 7.5 million players claimed their game at launch. The 24-hour free giveaway period shattered every projection for the title.

A few days ago, Total War Saga: Troy launched on the Epic Game Store. Since the game is an Epic exclusive, the team likely received a frontloaded publisher deal. Everyone took advantage, with as much as 7.5 million claims registered with the team.

Sega gives away more than US$200 million in value

Total War is one of the best modern strategy franchises. The idea that Troy is a Total War game sold it off to the masses as a AAA title. This doesn’t put into consideration that Troy is a solid game with decent gameplay.


Publisher Sega noted that the figures are far beyond their expectations. It shattered whatever numbers they had, considering the title has both hype and good writing.

“We were optimistic but we couldn’t have predicted this level of excitement,” said Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer for Sega. “It’s been incredible to work with Epic on giving this brand new release away for free. Now we get to welcome so many strategy players – new and old – to experience this incredible Saga. We’re very happy.”

To put it into consideration, the game retails at US$32.49 [AU$45], varying per region. Multiplied by 7.5 million, it shows Sega gave away US$243.6 million [AU$339.8 million]. This amount is likely one of the biggest giveaways in modern history, especially at launch.

Troy likely will boost Total War franchise

Any publisher who gives away 7.5 million free copies of a game will likely be upset. Even with Epic paying for the upfront cost, it’s unlikely they have covered enough. It becomes a question on what Sega gets through this deal.

Traditional thinking will say these are lost sales. Not all games sell 7.5 million copies, and the strategy genre is unlikely to have as many players. Even then, Sega will likely recoup these “lost sales” from the buzz.

Take-Two, for example, got record sales after their free giveaway period of GTA V. Those who missed the deal will likely buy the game to play with many of their friends.

There’s also the idea of Total War Saga: Troy boosting other Total War titles. Even if only a small percentage are new players, that still translates to significant numbers. A boost from a portion of 7.5 million players will be superb for the entire franchise.

Whatever it is, Total War Saga: Troy is a sure hit. The game is excellent and hours upon hours of free historical strategy goodness.

Images courtesy of Total War/YouTube Screenshot

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