80% of Americans say Joe Biden won against Donald Trump

Ignoring Donald Trump’s refusal to concede from the White House, 80% of Americans have said that Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential Election, as per Reuters/Ipsos polls.

The survey was conducted by Reuters/Ipsos polls, which went on till Tuesday, Nov. 10. The pool found that 79% of the US adults believe that Joe Biden has won the White House. Another 13% of the responders said that the election has not yet decided who has won. Only a three percent search that Trump has won and five percent said they do not know.

Exit polls

Major media outlets conduct exit polls, which is facilitated by Edison Research. The lead was pressed by Joe Biden with a clear majority in Pennsylvania and amassed 270 electoral votes.

Refusal to concede

Trump has not recognized the results of the elections. As a result, he has refused to concede from the White House. Previously, before the results revealed, Trump declared his victory. Moreover, he constantly complained of being the victim of widespread voter fraud. However, these claims are not substantial and lack any evidence. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook had to hide Donald Trump’s tweets that claimed that he had won the elections.

The cabinet has been fueling Trump’s allegations.  US Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal investigations of “substantial” allegations of voting irregularities. On the other hand, Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo said that he could see a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

Reuters/Ipsos polls

The Reuters/Ipsos polls were a part of a survey that went on from Friday to Tuesday, Nov. 6 to 10. The survey recorded the responses before the presidential race was called.

The survey showed that 70% of Americans trust their local election officials to “do their job honestly.” These comprised of 83% Democrats and 59% Republicans.

Additionally, the poll found that 72% think the loser of the election must concede. At the same time, 60% think that there will be a peaceful transition of power when Trump’s term ends in January.

It was an online poll in the English language. The polls recorded responses from throughout the United States. The demography of the polls comprised 1,363 US adults in all. Moreover, it included 469 respondents who took the poll. The poll has a credibility interval of five percentage points, a measure of data precision.

Transfer of power

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will officially assume power in January. The buffer period is responsible for a smooth transition of Joe Biden into the White House. However, at present, there is chaos as Donald Trump has refused to concede.


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