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89-year old gamer grandma demonstrates her island in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’


If you’ve been up-to-speed with the events on the internet lately, chances are you’ve probably heard of a certain gaming grandma who clocked 3,500 hours in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS. But guess what? She is at it still, but this time on the Switch, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Affectionately called “Gram” by her grandson and Audrey by the rest of the world, this 89-year old gamer is a celebrity. One whose feat to a game alone puts even hardcore gamers to shame due to her unwavering dedication. That, if not for the inevitable release of New Horizons, could be getting more clock count as we speak.

The popularity of Audrey is such, it even gathers the attention of the devs behind Animal Crossing. So much, as to pay tribute to her by introducing a new NPC in the franchise based on her persona, named Audie.

As for the rest of her fans, they were the driving force behind her getting an AC-themed Switch and the actual game to pair it with.

Different Games, Similar Passion

Being an early adopter, Audrey has been playing the game since early April. This means that, unsurprising to her, she has been playing New Horizons for the last several months since the game’s release.

While as equally amused with the game as New Leaf, much to her barely touching the 3DS, the geriatric gamer claims to only play 3 hours per day. If true and consistent, this could mean that grandma could be clocking a few hundreds of hours in New Horizons, as of writing. Sadly, there is no way of confirming this as it was not shown in the video.

Although Audrey did not show her overall playtime, she, however, dedicated a little more than half an hour of her time showcasing her island. With her grandson as her company, the still avid gamer gave a tour of what to see on her island. Mostly, a display involving the villagers, their houses’ placements, and her virtual properties.

Come and Visit

As per ACNH standards, the gaming grandma’s island is pretty minimalistic and simple. But considering that she merely plays for leisure, the idea is more of an expectation than a surprise. If anything, it only shows the authenticity that comes with someone who plays the game out of personal satisfaction than for show.

To anyone interested in seeing grandma Audrey’s island, you may do so by using this dream code: DA-3280-5622-8262

Image used courtesy of phubans/YouTube Screenshot

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