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World’s first 8K immersive display already available but only for limited market


Looking Glass Factory just made the world’s first-ever 8K immersive display available in the market—marking a modern technology milestone!

Just when the world was about to keep up with the 4K trend—with YouTube reclassifying HD standards—Looking Glass Factory ups the standard and releases an 8K immersive display. It is indeed a groundbreaking moment for modern technology.

The company responsible for this great creation releases a YouTube announcement, which says, “The world’s largest, highest-resolution holographic display is available now.”

What 8K immersive display is comprised of

It reportedly makes use of “cutting-edge light field technology” to produce 3D-like images on display. More specifically, it is powered by a “proprietary 45-element light field.”

With this, the Looking Glass is able to generate “45 distinct and simultaneous perspectives of three-dimensional content” that allows it to create holographic images.

Techcrunch notes that its system uses 33.2 million pixels along with the 45-element light field. With the 8K immersive display, users will be able to view holograms and 3D creations without the use of headsets, such as VR gears.

Medical institutions and infra to benefit from 8K first

What makes this more interesting is that Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, somehow, plays a big part in the Looking Glass creation. On its website, it says the holographic display has a HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal Engine.

Unfortunately for the game enthusiasts, it’s not for gaming yet, nor is it for 3D Netflix viewing. Instead, it can be used for game development, as its feature include:

  • Updates real-time with your Game View
  • Holographic 3D visuals in editor and in builds
  • Looking Glass button support
  • One-build deployment for 8.9”, 15.6”, and 8K units
  • Pro Workstation functionality
  • Adjustable clipping planes and FoV
  • Support for custom post-processing image effects
  • Leap Motion Controller support

The media outlet even quotes Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri saying:

Having access to a glasses-free holographic display is a massive breakthrough, and presents an exciting prospect for teams working in immersive computer graphics, visualization and content creation. The Looking Glass holographic display provides a stunning level of realism, and we look forward to seeing the innovations that emerge with the support of Unreal Engine generated content.

For now, the use of the Looking Glass 8K immersive display is for medical imaging and mapping, as well as automotive, architectural, and engineering 3D planning and creation. Techradar highlights that the target demographic for Looking Glass Factory, for now, is the scientific sectors and other sectors that “need high-resolution renders.”

This great tech discovery actually comes with a hefty price tag, which cannot be seen on its website. Instead, the company will require its costumers to request a quote, where Looking Glass will provide a product demo of the 8K immersive display.

Featured image courtesy of Looking Glass Factory/YouTube Screenshot

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