94% of Aussies Like Living in Australia – Survey Says

A Survey conducted by the National Australia Bank (NAB) shows that a growing number of Aussies are falling in love with Australia all over again.

Almost 94% of the respondents said there’s no place else they would call home, which is a 6% increase compared to the previous year’s survey.

It is believed that this positivity stems from the country’s swift and effective response to the Coronavirus pandemic, but also due to increased positive outlooks of finally coming out of lockdown.

The economy is about to re-open for Aussies, giving them enough motive to be excited. Most of it stems from opportunities to set up new businesses where previous ones failed or couldn’t survive the financial vacuum of COVID-19.

The executives at NAB’s business banking department believe that this positive effect is going to have a placebo effect on the economy. If people believe that they’re in a positive situation, then they’re most definitely going to be in one. As most parts of the economy are dependant on the sentiment of its community, a positive sentiment leads to positive figures.

More Positive Outlooks

Other parts of the survey further solidify the argument that Aussies are feeling happier. 70% of respondents say that Australia will be a perfect place to live in after ten years, which according to the NAB, is a 55% improvement compared to last year.

This also stems from the revival of the economy, which the NAB predicts to beat pre-pandemic levels once fully operational.

It gets into more details with the geo-location of the respondents as well as their age groups. For example, Northerners were much more positive compared to southerners, and the older generation was more optimistic than, the younger generation.

It Came at a Cost

This positive outlook was not something that Australia achieved easily. Furthermore, compared to 2020, there was very little that could have happened that would make Aussies even more pessimistic.

The fires, together with the pandemic was enough of a challenge for the country. Any good news at this point was enough to get everybody’s hopes up.

Economy looking up

Trade routes are slowly being opened up again, the AUD is as strong as ever, and the general outlook looks quite positive. Furthermore, Australia can soon start expecting tourists as well, with obligatory vaccination documents as well as negative test results.

Overall, a new gold rush is to be expected for Aussies in 2021, and according to the NAB, this gold rush can come in during the Summer.


Image courtesy of Zscaler Inc./YouTube Screenshot

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