‘Kingdom’ Chapter 662 to give a glimpse of Riboku’s past

Kingdom Chapter 662

Fans are about to see more of Riboku’s tragic past in Kingdom Chapter 662 after some kings, who had no idea about warfare, held him back.

It is now Riboku’s time to shine in the hands of Qin in Kingdom Chapter 662. Compared to the previous kings Riboku had worked with, Qin is different.

Chapter 662 spoilers

Qin perfectly knows how leadership works that will give Riboku the chance to be the most powerful General in China.

According to BlockToro, Gohumei commended Riboku for being unbeatable. So, there is a big chance that other Generals’ strength will be measured against Riboku’s ability.

However, it seems to be a lie, knowing Riboku lost several times in the past, even though he experiences victory after some battles.

Elsewhere, Wei has now become a key player after taking side with Qin. He may even try to replace Han after Zhao fled.

Fans will also see the fight between Moubu and Man’U in Kingdom Chapter 662 after being often teased.

'Kingdom' Chapter 662

Chapter 662 predictions

Aside from spoilers, the anime’s upcoming chapter is also surrounded by a lot of predictions.

Epic Dope noted Karin believes Qin and Wei’s alliance will backfire due to the same reasoning Gohomei said.

If there is one good thing about Qin and Wei’s union, is that the latter is the only one who will face the Chu. Qin will just be standing there, watching these two fight against each other in Kingdom Chapter 662.

In addition, Shouheikum knows Juuko plays a critical role in the city, and he may have thought of that when he gave up the place.

Tou and Rou will have no problem shipping their armies to Zhao, while Riboku still has to raise his troops and consolidate power.

Riboku has a much larger problem to face, as he still has to make sure where the remaining Zhao armies’ loyalty lies.

Chapter 662 release date

Kingdom Chapter 662 is set to be out on Friday, Nov. 27, per the official manga sources. Its raw scans, on the other hand, will drop and leak online, along with other spoilers, a few days before its official release date.

However, it is still much better if fans will wait for the official English translation of the new chapter before they dive in. They are also advised to read Kingdom Chapter 662 on official platforms to help support manga creators and its workers.

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