‘Pokemon Cafe Mix’ updates adds a new mode

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a fun mix and match game available on the Switch and mobile devices. The developers are consistently updating the game with new content, and the most recent is a big one.

There’s a new update live for Pokemon Cafe Mix, and it adds a ton of new things to the game. Players should download the update fast so that they won’t miss out on these new and amazing features. Here are the biggest additions in the latest update.

New team system

The update will let players create their own team, which is separate from their friends’ list. Players can create a team simply by spending 300 golden acorns. The good news is that players will be able to receive an extra 300 golden acorns whenever a new player joins their team. However, the rewards cap at a maximum of 10,000 golden acorns so players can’t exploit the rewards system.

Players can also join teams by searching for a specific one in-game. They can also pick one from a compiled list of suggestions. Players can also leave and join other teams whenever they choose to.

Team events

Along with the new team system comes to team events. Teams can work together to collectively complete these events, which will reward them with special items. The first event in Pokemon Cafe Mix features a Snorlax, and it will run from Sept. 4 to Oct. 8.

Players who participate in these limited events will be rewarded greatly, so it’s a must to try and join as soon as possible.

New orders

The recent update also expands upon the number of things players can do. In total, there are 50 new Regular Orders and 25 new Master Orders to complete in the game. These offer a fresh set of new challenges for those who have already mastered the game.

Players can also purchase a new Team Order Pack using real money. This package comes with 13,400 golden acorns, a wide selection of items, and a Snorlax Maniac Pikachu who can serve as a new staffer on the Pokemon cafe.

There are certainly more Pokemon Cafe Mix updates to come to the game. We’ve yet to see the other Pokemons in-game, so the developers are sure to add them in the future as part of an update. We’ll have to wait and see what else the developer has in store for players of this addicting puzzler.

Image used courtesy of Pokemon Cafe Mix/Twitter

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