A 250-pound emerald is scheduled to be on private hands through an NFT auction

A rare and stunning gem that was excavated from Brazil will finally be transferred on private hands through an NFT auction. 

Several individuals will have a historic opportunity to have a stake of ownership in the 250-pound emerald with an estimated value of $112.5 million. 

Participants are given the option to use either Rarible or Opensea platforms in purchasing tokens that would represent their ownership of the gem. 

Edward J. Rodriguez, a co-founder of BPN Capital Group, the company that will manage the auction, said: “This stone is something truly to behold.” 

Added privilege

Bidders who would have a successful stake in the emerald would also gain the privilege to join an exclusive social media dedicated to the official owners of the rare gem. 

This exclusive club would provide an immense opportunity for owners to expand their network, share their interests, and learn from different fields. 

The new owners of the emerald gem will also have the chance to have an annual celebration centered at the gem, which would also serve as a platform to better know their co-owners. 

Exciting opportunities ahead

The emerald-embedded stone will certainly attract a lot of bidders, including enthusiasts, collectors, and even geologists, because of its impressive preservation, color, and unique shape. 

Also, this emerald would be ideal for bidders who are continuously searching, not only for ordinary items but for the most unique and historical ones. 

Even with the big price of individuality, the history of bidding has always shown that deep-pocketed bidders were always willing to pay that price. 

Max Pomeranz, a part of RX Law Air, which currently owns the emerald, is also excited about this new NFT venture. “This is new territory, so we’re very excited to tokenize an emerald like this,” he said.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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