A $65 million Beverly Hills property can now be purchased with bitcoin 

Interested buyers of a $65 million luxury property in Beverly Hills can now be bought using bitcoin. 

But the owner is not requiring buyers to pay in bitcoin; it only serves as an option for buyers who have a sizeable bitcoin amount on their digital wallets. 

If the highly luxurious property will ever be bought, it will make a record of being the most expensive luxury residence ever to be bought using cryptocurrency.

Forbes published a story about the pricey property, which is called Elementi, and stated that the property can be bought for $65 million in cash or in its bitcoin equivalent of 1950 BTC. 

Riding on the crypto wave

Aaron Kirman, Elementi’s listing agent, said that using crypto as a payment option is a good move, given that interest in digital currency is fast rising in many industries, including real estate. 

Though Kirman admitted that there were recent signs of decline in the crypto market, he said that real estate owners now prefer digital assets (like BTC) as a payment method because of their convenience, security, and speed. 

That is why property owners, despite some challenges in the crypto field, would remain interested in cryptocurrencies. 

Eye candy properties

Elementi is not just any luxurious property, it is considered as one of the special properties in Beverly Hills. The 18,000 square feet property would certainly give anyone a kingly (and queenly) feel with its half-length Olympic-size pool, wine cellar, wellness center, home theater, and other amenities. 

The current record holder for the most expensive luxury property bought in cryptocurrency is the $22.5-million condominium in the Arte Surfside luxury building which was purchased by an anonymous buyer. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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