A.C.E. Chan, Byeongkwan shares to Dazed Korea about their epic comeback

A.C.E. Chan and Byeongkwan participated in a pictorial and interview for Dazed Korea magazine and shared their recent comeback and goals as artists.

A.C.E made a comeback in September with their fourth mini-album entitled HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy.

Together with the album is the title track called Favorite Boys, the song’s Korean translation is “Goblin.” The idols shared how the “Goblin” concept permeated the song’s lyrics, performance, and choreography.

Behind the choreography of A.C.E

The “Goblin” concept includes Korean wrestling on its choreography. The group also depicted a will-o’-the-wisp, called “Goblin lights” in the Korean translation. One of the lines of the song of Chan goes, “the one you like the most.”

He meant that they would become a goblin to be with their fans. The duo tagged it as an essential part of the song.

Two words that describe their lives

A.C.E Chan and Byeongkwan were asked for words that most inspired them to take new challenges.

Byeongkwan commented that it was “boredom” and “newness.” Those words inspired him to take on new challenges and risks in life. The repetitive routine leads them to boredom, but he will not feel bored when it is dancing.

Furthermore, Byeongkwan is always full of energy and excitement every time he dances. They keep coming out with new songs, so they should continue to show new things ceaselessly.

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Take risks for the comeback

Chan shared the two words that motivated him.

The first word is “dream.” Since his debut, he has worked hard and took risks for his dreams. He went through hardships while imagining his future growth.

His second word is “choice.” It was chosen after his debut because no matter how hard things get, they are drawing force that gives him strength on stage. He always wanted to show the fans new things.

He felt disappointed because they were unable to meet their fans in person. If they think that way, he can only imagine how fans feel. They are now trying to communicate with them through social media.

Image courtesy of DAZED KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

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