A.C.E’s Chan goes all out with Xportsnews

A.C.E’s Chan graced an interview Xportsnews and talked about his acting stunt in Twenty Twenty.

Chan is on the romance drama Twenty Twenty from the creators of the hit A-TEEN. The story tells the story of six young people on the verge of their age and tackling questions brought by adulthood.

Chan is showing his extraordinary charm through his role as Son Bo Hyun. The viewers were delighted with his enthusiastic display of affection for Baek Ye Eun (Chae Won Bin).

Chan expressed his gratitude to fans

The artist expressed his gratitude to everyone who watched the drama. He said that the drama came to an end with lots of love and support from all the viewers. He can not thank them so much for all their efforts.

After he debuted with A.C.E back in 2017, Twenty Twenty allowed him to try out in the acting industry. Since Chan lacked the experience to interpret his character, he repeatedly read his script until the role became clear.

Everyone got his back

On his first day of filming, he said that he was nervous, and Chan can not even remember what he did on that day. He thanked the staff and all the people who complimented him.

Chan revealed that the members of A.C.E played a vital role in his preparations. He worked hard and received help from different people to make his character natural.

Amidst the busy schedule, the members helped him read through the script and complimented him after watching his scenes.

The door is open for another opportunity

Lastly, Chan emphasized that he would surely grab the opportunity to try a different role if he gets another shot at something.

Above everything else, and since his fans enjoy seeing him act, he wants to show different sides of himself for future projects.

Image courtesy of official A.C.E/YouTube Screenshot

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