A ‘Clever’ investment in 2021 with $1,200,000 invested in just 14 days


Clever Defi, the revolutionary Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, has recorded a massive rush for its minting phase.

According to the minting portal, over 250,000 CLVA tokens have been minted on the platform. This represents over $900,000 USD or just shy of $1.2M AUD invested within 14 days of launch. 

Clever minting phase was launched on February 1 and scheduled to run until March 2, 2021. During this period, investors will purchase CLVA tokens at the best prices, starting from 0.0020 to 0.0024 ETH. 

Once the minting phase ends, the fortnightly payments will begin, and investors will start earning 11% interest on their tokens. At the moment, the mint rate for CLVA tokens is 0.0024 ETH. 

Why You Should Mint CLVA

Clever Minting phase represents an excellent opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to adopt one of the fastest-growing DeFi tokens. Clever deFi is built on the premise of offering interests within a defined cycle that is integrated into a blockchain smart contract. 

Clever DeFi smart contract integrated a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM) that ensures a fair distribution of rewards. The DDM is programmed to mint rewards every 14 days for 888 cycles. This means that CLVA token holders will get fortnightly interests for 888 cycles of approximately 34 years. 

Clever DeFi also changes the norm of yield farming platforms tying investors to harsh conditions. Clever token holders are not required to stake or lock their tokens before receiving interest payments. There are no restrictions, and token holders can decide to swap or sell their tokens at any time without losing their interests. 

This makes Clever the right token for yield farmers that don’t want the restrictions found on popular yield farming protocols. Clever DeFi offers up to 307% return on investment (ROI) in the first year of launch. This is more than most defi yield platforms and banks offer for savings. 

When looking at the average annual yield earnings over ten years, Clever outperforms popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin by more than 60%. Lastly, unlike other DeFi platforms that dump huge chunks of pre-mined tokens after launch. Clever team holds no tokens and uses the zero supply approach. The development team is rewarded from a fraction of CLVA tokens minted each cycle for the improvement and general marketing of the DeFi protocol. 

How to Mint CLVA tokens

Minting CLVA tokens is easy to do and takes only a few steps.

  • The first step is to install the MetaMask extension from the chrome store or firefox store.
  • Click on the Clever Minting Portal.
  • Connect to your MetaMask wallet and enter the CLVA tokens desired amount.
  • Click the button ‘’Mint Tokens,’’ and the minting process begins. 
  • Once it is completed, the CLVA tokens minted will be automatically allocated into the MetaMask linked wallet.

Clever DeFi Plans to List CLVA on Several Exchanges

Once the minting phase ends on March 2, Clever DeFi intends to list CLVA on several exchanges. The DeFi protocol revealed that it would be listing CLVA on popular defi exchange Uniswap. 

There are also plans to list on P2PB2B, HotBot, and CoinsBit. This shows that the team is looking to expand the reach of CLVA and increase liquidity. For more details on Clever DeFi, please check the website CLVA.com.

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