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A crossover of Morbius and Blade could happen in the future!


Actor Jared Leto just dropped a bomb saying that a crossover between Morbius and Mahershala Ali’s Blade could happen in the future!

According to Comicbook, Jared Leto just teased a future crossover of Morbius and Blade. The latter is yet to come out in the MCU. It will also introduce actor Mahershala Ali to the superhero franchise.

In a recent interaction with James Corden, Leto gave some hints regarding his upcoming Sony/Marvel film.

Morbius and Blade crossover: What to expect!

Talking to James Corden, promoting his film The Little Things, he told him to play a vampire in Morbius. When asked over the question of whether he will cross paths with Blade, he said:

“That is a good question, and I could see that happening in the future. I could see that happening, yeah.”

Currently, there’s already a vast hype around Jared Leto’s Morbius and its connection with the MCU. It was confirmed with its last year’s trailer reveal. The clip’s ending sequence showed Michael Keaton’s Vulture making an appearance. And fans went crazy after that since they knew that Sony’s Spider-Man universe and Disney’s MCU would be related vastly.

What it means is that Morbius might also appear in future installments of Marvel Studios. But it may happen only with those films dealing with Spider-Man related characters or the web crawler himself. One thing is confirmed, though, and that is an increased level of entertainment.

At the moment, after what happened in 2019’s Far From Home, Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker, a.k.a., Spider-Man is on the run. His identity is out in the world after Mysterio made it global. Talking about his future interactions with famous villains, then Morbius will surely face him, no doubt. When it comes to Blade, then there’s still time for the Mahershala Ali title to start filming. Once it’s finished shooting, only then something will come out to make speculations.

Upcoming Marvel films in the future

This year is currently suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, just like 2020. Despite vaccines making their way, new cases are constantly increasing at a rapid rate. And the entertainment industry is facing a big challenge as far as releasing big-budget films is concerned. Fans of Marvel movies are waiting curiously for the already announced projects in the past. Along with Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals, Sony’s Morbius has been delayed once again.

No one wants to miss a theatrical experience, especially when it comes to such superhero titles. But the pandemic is inevitable right now, and everyone is bound to act accordingly. And thus, the wait is the only thing to do now, hoping for no more delays in the next few months.

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