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A ‘Daft Punk’ game was in development, years ago!


Fans of the iconic duo Daft Punk are sad after their split. But they will be amazed to know that they had a game based on them in the past.

The surprising information came out recently when James Mielke shared his experiences with Daft Punk. Mielke is the producer of a game that was initially based on the musical duo. But due to their busy schedule, more than ten years ago, it couldn’t happen.

The project then ended up with a name called Lumines: Electronic Symphony.

Daft Punk: The story of their game!

Speaking on the musical band, James Mielke recently shared his experiences on his Twitter account. He said that he had approached Daft Punk to feature in his video game. Interestingly, they accepted the proposal as well.

However, the French duo was busy with making the music of Tron: Legacy at that time. So they eventually declined to be a part of it.

Mielke did mention that the band was very interested in his gaming project. But he also revealed that Daft Punk didn’t want to use their old music in it. Instead, they wanted to create new tracks for the PS Vita game. And since they didn’t have proper time for that, they decided to miss it.

“What I wanted to do was put the player in the cockpit of Daft Punk’s pyramid-shaped DJ booth that they tour with, and—as Daft Punk—rock the crowd by performing big combos in Lumines,” James wrote in his blog from 2012 for Gamasutra.

Speaking of the ambitious title itself, which then became Lumines: Electronic Symphony, the plans were huge. Whether it be the tracks, HUD, or the ambiance, everything would be designed as per the French duo.

Coming back to the band itself then their last release, Epilogue, was dropped earlier this week.

Social media celebrating the band’s legacy

Meanwhile, every music lover is still upset following Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter’s unexpected split. People are constantly posting their reactions on social media with heartfelt messages. They are also sharing their favorite songs of the band from the past.

Renowned entertainment stars have expressed their thoughts over the end of Daft Punk. Other users have also shared their sadness while remembering the great songs by the band.

What are your thoughts on the big split of the French duo members? Have you been one of the million Daft Punk fans since the last two decades? What was your favorite album or track from their discography?

Drop your reactions on our social media platforms and tell your thoughts.

Image courtesy of Jon Sine/YouTube

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