A ‘Genshin Impact’ housing feature may be coming soon

A Genshin Impact housing feature may be coming soon

A housing feature on Genshin Impact is not a matter of if but rather when. Now, a recently discovered in-game dialogue suggests that the feature may just be around the corner.

It’s only been a month since MiHoYo released Genshin Impact but the game has already proven to be a massive hit. The Zelda-esque open-world RPG is so vast that there is always something for players to do. The game’s developers had promised plenty more features to come and among those is a housing feature for players.

No RPG is ever complete without housing features. This is especially true for those inspired by Japanese RPGs like Genshin Impact. And while it is certain that making housing available to players is part of the developers’ plans for the game, that feature may be coming sooner than you think.

Genshin Impact housing feature coming soon?

The game is currently in the final stages of the week-long Marvelous Merchandise event. Through this event, players get to meet the mysterious wandering NPC named Liben.

Players can get collecting missions from this traveling NPC. All of these tasks involve players gathering various materials for Liben which they can exchange for a Box o’ Marvels.

This box will reward players with random items ranging from ores to Primogems and Mora.

But conversing with Liben brings up an interesting topic: housing. The NPC doesn’t necessarily state that a housing feature is coming to the game soon.

However, the character did imply the process of transforming raw timber into something grander. And by that, he could be referring to a house. Or maybe not.

Crafting weapons and performing alchemy is already a common practice in the game. Now, who is to say that carpentry won’t arrive soon?

Many believe that Liben was meant to introduce the concept of house building in the game, although not directly. Players also jumped on the information from the NPC and believe that housing may arrive sooner than expected on Genshin Impact.

Finding Liben

Locating the wandering merchant isn’t really that hard. In fact, he’s just around Mondstadt. Players can find him lurking around a small corner near Flora’s shop.

By interacting with him, players would receive a quest to collect various materials. And while the quests aren’t particularly hard, the rewards are definitely something to look forward to.

One of the materials that Liben is looking for, mushrooms, can even be found just in the surrounding area. And for that, they can already receive a Box o’ Marvels which can grant them items like Mystic Enhancement Ores, Mora, and Primogems. How much of these items a player can get really boils down to luck.

The Marvelous Merchandise event runs from October 26 to November 1, 2020, on Genshin Impact.


Featured image courtesy of MiHoYo

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