A ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ sequel has been reportedly leaked!

If you are one of the lovers of Ghost of Tsushima, this news will surely make you delighted for the future of the hit franchise.

Latest industry reports are suggesting that Ghost of Tsushima will soon get a continuation sequel. And it’s currently being called Ghost of Ikishima!

‘Ghost of Ikishima’: Details on early leaks

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the biggest PS4 releases in 2020, and it has amassed a large fan following in the last year. Its multiplayer mode also turned out to be a hit among the fans.

It still stands tall with a staggering result on major review portals when it comes to critical reception. It has gained a solid score of 83 so far, based on 122 critic reviews.

Now it looks like Ghost of Tsushima fans will get a new treat in the form of a sequel. Yes, as per the latest leak from an industry insider, the next part is reportedly in the early stages of development. And it will be called Ghost of Ikishima.

However, it might just be a standalone expansion of the 2020 title, in a similar fashion to how Spider-Man: Miles Morales came up after its predecessor.

And the good thing is that Ghost of Ikishima may launch later in this year itself!

This big news comes from Shpeshal_Nick, an insider on Twitter. He is generally known to break Xbox news. So, in a way, this must take the ongoing speculation with a grain of salt.

However, from Resetera, another user known as KatharsisT, another user made similar claims about the next expansion.

Depending on the actual source from where the two users got this information, it may or may not be accurate.

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New video games in 2021

Meanwhile, gaming enthusiasts are currently waiting for a lot of fresh releases this year. As a result, the second half of 2021 has multiple AAA heavyweights.

Speaking of heavyweights, then there will be anticipated names like Halo Infinite, Dying Light 2, and Humankind.

Horizon Forbidden West, a new Call of Duty entry, New World, Psychonauts 2, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits are also on the list.

The big line-up extends a little further with the likes of Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6, Stray, The Ascent, and Little Devil Inside.

No More Heroes 3, Deathloop, GhostWire: Tokyo, Shadow Warrior 3, Cyber Shadow, and Cris Tales are other crucial launches.

Coming back to the Ghost of Tsushima sequel, there is no official confirmation of its release date or development.


Image courtesy of Swifty Unknown/YouTube

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