A good COVID-19 vaccine works fine enough for humanity

All the eyes of experts and countries turn to Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine third trial. The third trial is performed on 43,783 peoples of different nations.

This vaccine is a logistical dream for America because it’s effortless to handle. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is accessible to store, and we need to vaccinate only by one shot.

Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine wins clearly in storage and shots by their two competitors who are already approved by the government. In the field of effectiveness, it’s working pretty well.

Efficacy of Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine

This vaccine works with the efficacy of 66% at preventing moderate to severe COVID-19 virus. In the field of effectiveness, it lags far behind its competitors. The efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna is about 90 plus.

Before Pfizer and Moderna’s results, the researchers hope for only 60 to 70% efficacy of the virus’s vaccines. The vaccine is 85% effective in preventing the side effects of the disease.

That is quite commendable and appreciable. The reason for the question that why it was only 66% effective in the first trial was impressive.

The vaccine wasn’t working well in South Africa. In South Africa, the new mutant is spreading rapidly.

The efficiency of the vaccine in the US was about 72%. While on the other hand, the efficacy of the vaccine in South Africa was just 57%.

Still, there is a clock ticking behind as the company is getting the authorization of the vaccine.

As of now, many mutants and their cases are in the report. Recently, there was a new mutation in the US.

Will it be useful on other mutants?

The mutation of the virus is creating havoc and posing a life threat for humans. During these issues, if something is even working 66%, it isn’t bad.

The sooner the country gets vaccinated, there is less chance of the spread of the disease.

Akiko Iwasaki told STAT that the company had got a satisfying amount of doses. She also claimed that these mutants are highly transmissible.

They are more lethal and can pose difficult situations. It’s high time for us to realize that Coronavirus can prove fatal.

Many companies are trying to bring up with their vaccine. But none of them are claiming 100% efficacy. One should get vaccinated until and unless thing gets better.

We can fight from Coronavirus if we believe ourselves. This phase is a significant threat to humanity, but we will have to surpass it.


Image courtesy of TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

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