A nearly-30-minute Pokemon Direct is streaming next week

Mark your calendars, an upcoming Pokemon Direct will be hitting the internet next week. The content of which will be focused towards The Pokemon Company’s developing projects according to the Pokemon franchise.

The Pokemon Company has been hands-on for the past several months, or probably even longer. Not just with one but with multiple projects at hand. Earlier this year, fans were given a surprise when an initial reveal shows what the company has been up to. In it, we saw confirmation of the remakes going for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, which had been a topic of discussion among fans. Appropriately, the titles in question are seeing relabels to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, respectively, as a result. Additionally, the mention also shows a brief video depicting how the game will look like, which seems to adopt a visual style seen in Pokemon Let’s GO.

Another Pokemon Project

It is not just the remakes that were worthy of people’s attention, however. Adding to the surprise, the company also demonstrated an altogether new title in the franchise. Dubbed Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it seems to be an attempt to innovate and bring a fresh experience for gamers. In particular, for its unique design and approach to the same tried-and-tested core formula that made the series such a hit.

Stream It

While these early revelations are sufficient to give audiences an idea of what to expect, the games were a work-in-progress. This meant that, aside from what was already shown, there had been developments to the titles since. Of which we are all seeing on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 6 AM PDT, following a Pokemon Presents video presentation. This announcement comes from the official Pokemon Twitter channel, which mentions the aforementioned titles as part of the program.

The case of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl’s remake is quite a special one. Originally developed by Game Freak, the game has been handed to ILCA, but has both Yuichi Ueda and Junichi Masuda as co-directors. The latter of which being a staple in the series’ longstanding history.

Not to be overshadowed, Pokemon Legends: Arceus also holds special attention as well. Essentially an attempt to elevate from the traditional experience, it sees the world of Pokemon in an “open-world” setting with a twist. Unlike previous entries which share a commonality in having Pokemon be caught mid-combat, the game offers the same but outside of battle. And then, there is still that traditional turn-based encounters that make the series beloved.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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