A neural network instead of a teacher, a game instead of cramming: How artificial intelligence will change education?


One-to-one tutoring is one of the most effective teaching methods. In the conditions of the traditional educational system, it is impossible to provide all students with personal tutors or tutors. First, there are simply not enough trained teachers. Secondly, such classes are usually quite expensive, and not every family can afford them.

But thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, individual tutors in the future may appear for absolutely everyone.

What awaits us in the near future?

Before starting the training, the student sets a goal in accordance with which the system varies the content of his individual program.

The system instantly provides comments on how the student completed the assignment, explains how and why correctly, and also indicates what the student should pay special attention to in the future. Teachers only moderate the process.

What will it change

  • Students will have the opportunity to choose. It will be possible to build and constantly change a completely individual trajectory of learning from school to university, and if you wish, never stop learning, having lifetime access to your individual “teacher” via a smartphone or computer.
  • Teachers will be able to learn from AI. When the system changes the curriculum in a certain way, people can find out what factors – for example, the student’s knowledge, his needs, or his emotional state – influenced its decision, and advise ordinary teachers in similar situations to repeat the actions of the computer.

Group Work – Harmony Without Shirking

For a long time, an approach that increases the effectiveness of training has been practiced – it is work in groups.

The problem here is that the success of group work is not equal to the sum of the knowledge of the participants: their ability to communicate, the correct selection of group members and the organization of joint work matter.

The latter is especially important in online training, where team members are physically far from each other.

What AI can do here

  • To impartially divide students into groups according to their level of knowledge and interests – then the strong will not have to do all the work for the weak and unmotivated.


  • Make the skills of the members of one training group complement each other – conditionally it will be a crew close to a real model with a captain, navigator, technician, and doctor, and not a doctor and three captains.


  • Prompt the participants from which side to take on the task. For example, AI has data that for one type of task, a conf-call with discussion and dividing the project into stages works better, and in another, breaking it up into thematic bricks, when each member of the group prepares a report on his site.

Smart Virtual Reality: Play Instead of Cramming

Learning is more effective if students can apply their knowledge in practice. In traditional conditions, it is impossible to constantly immerse students in situations that correspond to the topic of the lesson: you cannot go to the Sahara when children go through the features of desert territories, or go to Ancient Greece after a history lesson. Emerging virtual reality will change that. Just like, now you can play at the best casino online, getting a completely unique experience.

Soon it will be possible not only to tell the students how to survive in the rainforest or what the USA looked like in the time of Benjamin Franklin, but also to immerse them in suitable conditions using virtual reality. It is for the learning process that VR technologies, supplemented by artificial intelligence, will be more effective. Then students can not only wander through the virtual space but also interact with it.

Artificial intelligence in this case will be able to act according to the same principle as in online games: to change the “reactions” of the virtual space, depending on the actions of users.

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