A new ecosystem rises to fully utilize Zignaly’s crypto coin 


Zignaly introduces a new ecosystem that would fully utilize its $ZIG coin and provide more value to its platform users. 

This new ecosystem is divided into four major features that would make Zignaly a more innovative and advanced platform. 

Features of the new ecosystem

These four features are Governance, NFT-based Insurance Protocol Implementation and Risk Mitigation, Profit-Sharing, and Loyalty and Rewards. 

Governance allows $ZIG coin holders to vote on important decisions that would affect the platform’s direction. These decisions cover things related to features and updates that can make Zignaly’s platform and ecosystem even better. 

Next is the NFT-based Insurance Protocol Implementation and Risk Mitigation. 

This feature provides users with direct access to risk mitigation techniques and trading insurance to provide them with reliable protection when downturns and market sell-off occur.  

Its profit-sharing rewards users for holding $ZIG coins. This would increase the benefits that users can gain from the platform and would have a good ripple effect on the overall ecosystem.  

Users can also enjoy the new ecosystem’s rewards. The people who would benefit here are the certified $ZIG coin stakers and holders. And with their loyalty to the platform’s crypto coin, they would be rewarded with prizes and assets from exclusive NFTs.

Additional benefits

On top of these generous offers, Zignaly would also provide additional benefits for its loyal platform users in the form of trading rebates. 

If users have a Zignaly exchange account based on the Binance broker API program, they would have the privilege to claim trading rebates! 

And these rebates are not fixed. They can increase based on the amount of $ZIG coins on users’ wallets. More coins mean more trading rebates for users which makes $ZIG coins a valuable asset to have. 

Zignaly plans to introduce more features for its platform, ecosystem, and utility coin to provide more benefits for its users. 

These additional features will be announced soon. 

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