A new game is in development at Respawn Entertainment

Get ready for a big surprise from Respawn in the coming future. A recent job listing at the company indicates that a new IP is in development.

The Apex Legends developer, Respawn, is reportedly working on a new game right now.

Early details on the new Respawn IP

Speaking of the job listing, then the position Respawn wants the candidate for is the Lead Combat Designer.

What’s even more interesting is that the listing page also mentions that the role belongs to a new project. And that it is not announced yet!

The job position falls under the “New Game Incubation Team” section. It describes the qualifications and talents required from the applicants. And it looks like the company is taking this role very seriously because the experience level required is quite lengthy!

Furthermore, the listing also mentions experience with Unreal Engine 4 as an ideal candidate skill.

It implies that the new IP will not use a modified Source engine. Previous Respawn titles such as Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends were based on that.

The post also asks for quick prototyping, which means the team’s gameplay ideas are yet to be revealed.

All in all, the news indicates one thing, for sure. That Titanfall 2 won’t have a third entry in the franchise anytime sooner. It is obvious now after finding out the latest job listing.

In the meantime, Apex Legends and the just-announced ‘unannounced’ project will undoubtedly keep the fans hooked.

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Status on ‘Apex Legends Mobile’

Meanwhile, there are quite a lot of other things that Respawn is working on at the moment.

Basically, it’s trying to expand its Apex Legends franchise worldwide, to a more extensive user base, with a Mobile port.

Currently, Apex Legends Mobile is in its testing phase. And the good news is that its closed beta testing is already done.

The public beta stage will begin soon this month, and a soft, public launch may arrive later this year. Going even further, according to the leaks, then recent reports are suggesting a period between October and December.

It will be interesting to witness another big battle royale title among the already popular names like Call of Duty and PUBG.

What do you think about Respawn and its titles? Are you one of those who are already playing them?

And what are your thoughts on the upcoming mobile version of Apex Legends? Will it succeed just like its free-to-play counterpart for PC, Xbox, and PS4?

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Image courtesy of Official SNF/YouTube

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