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New ‘Silent Hill’ game is rumored to be in development by Sony


A rumor is circulating the internet suggesting that Sony Japan Studio is in the works on a Silent Hill game, aimed at giving the franchise a fresh reboot.

The speculation regarding the Silent Hill franchise may have died down a bit since the official cancellation of Silent Hills. An issue that seems to have been further cemented with Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami, the mastermind behind Playable Teaser.

Only for the topic to rise up again with the hearsay that Sony is acquiring the rights for the franchise.

The Latest Gossips

Recently, another rumor is circling around saying that the project is already ongoing, by Sony Studio Japan no less. One with a central goal of reviving the franchise from its otherwise stagnant state.

The latest speculation comes from internet personality who uses the Twitter alias Dusk Golem. The same person who previously leaked some juicy intel regarding Resident Evil 8, and other games before it as well.

Part of the overall rumor claims that plans for the project began two years ago. At the time when Konami appears to be sourcing for ideas from various developers on how to go with it.

But far from being a futile endeavor, it seems that two main ideas came off of it. One is to produce a game that will be a ‘soft reboot’ to the franchise, with the focus on newer audiences. Another, which to coincide with the aforementioned, is to make an ‘episodic title’ with gameplay akin to Until Dawn.

Suffice to say, any of the two mentioned ideas are interesting, considering all possibilities that come with modern hardware.

Playable on Next-gen Sony Console

Adding more fuel to the overall gossip, Dusk Golem also claims that there’d be a playable demo for the game on the PS5. A small piece of the game borne from the creative oversight of Keiichiro Toyama—the creator and designer of Silent Hill.

While a subject of much interest, such that Evostrix reported on it, it’s suggested that everything is taken with a grain of salt. This boils down to the fact that even Dusk Golem himself has limitations to his claim.

Whether true or not, in the end, it’s still Konami that still has the final word on the matter. Knowing the company, it would not be too surprising to hear the opposite of what consumers expect.

In Japan, where pachinko and mobile games reign supreme, it’s not too implausible to see the company’s attention centered towards them.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/SHN Survival Horror Network

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