A new ‘space race’ has begun and it’s now between Elon Musk and Bitmex


When the space race is mentioned, United States and Russia come to mind, but this 21st century — in a time of cryptocurrencies — the race isn’t between countries.

Elon Musk announced that he plans to make dogecoin the first cryptocurrency to physically reach the lunar surface through SpaceX, his aerospace company.

Not to be outdone, BitMEX, one of the world’s most popular crypto derivatives exchanges, announced that it aims to bring bitcoin first on the moon.

Space crypto plans

BitMEX has already struck a partnership with Astrobotic Technology, to support the space robotic company’s mission to bring its first commercial lander on the moon.

But BitMEX made it clear that it wasn’t “anti-dogecoin” or anti-Musk. ”We’ve [got] nothing against Dog Money, [but] we felt it was only right to help Bitcoin get there first,” it said.

Musk, who was the first to announce the idea of bringing a physical crypto coin on the moon, said that he is launching a dogecoin-funded payload on SpaceX’s first rockets to the moon.

As with his every announcement, he is excited and enthusiastic that it can be possibly accomplished.

The first space crypto mission

Surprisingly, the idea of associating space missions with cryptocurrency didn’t originally come from the billionaire Musk.

In 2017, Blockstream, a blockchain company, launched satellites to beam bitcoin transactions from space, making it a pioneer of the crypto space concept.

But even if Musk wasn’t the first one to float this concept, he is certainly right when he said “a new space race has begun!”

Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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