A PS5 major event may be imminent as OPM announces games showcase

A PS5 major event may be imminent as OPM announces games showcase

Official Playstation Magazine’s announcement of PS5 games exclusive for its next issue could be the first step in an official console unveiling event. 

A teaser for the next issue of the Official Playstation Magazine is currently making rounds on the Internet. In the teaser, the OPM claims that they will be showcasing next-gen games that would be coming to the PS5.

Sony has been giving Playstation fans the silent treatment for quite some time now. While rumors and supposed leaks continue to surface online, the company itself hasn’t really given away anything about the next-generation console’s big reveal as well as the games that would come exclusively with it. 

Hopefully, OPM’s announcement would be an accurate indication for an upcoming Sony Playstation 5 event. 

It’s Coming

When will the PS5 be revealed? That is a question that has long been on the gaming community’s mind. The latest rumors claim that Sony will finally reveal the next-generation console. Interestingly, the announcement from OPM could indicate a PS5 showcase in May. This hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, unfortunately.

In the June issue of the gaming magazine, which is now available digitally, OPM announced that they would be revealing PS5 games in their July issue, saying, “It’s coming. The next-gen starts next issue as we reveal the latest games coming to Playstation 5, and how they’ll play.” 

Because OPM’s July issue is set to go on sale physically on June 2, 2020, it is possible that Sony would want to get ahead of that and host a PS5 event sometime this May. Surely, they would want to unveil the specific details of their console and its games themselves. 

OPM hadn’t specified whether the details on their next issue are PS5 exclusives or from third party channels.  

Possible June 5th PS5 Major Event

OPM’s supposed PS5 games showcase and Sony’s speculated May reveal both line up with Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s earlier claim that next-generation games would start getting revealed soon. This would trigger the start of heavy game marketing for the second half of the year.

But for games journalist Jeff Grubbs of GamesBeat, the actual PS5 reveal would occur on June 5. This information came after Grubbs replied to a long-running PS5 thread. Sony has a reputation for randomly making announcements, just like how it did with the DualSense controller. 

One user remarked on the thread how he though last Tuesday would be the random day Sony would reveal the PS5. Grubbs quickly joined the conversation to claim that the reveal would happen on the 5th of June. 

Sony’s pandemic woes

The novel coronavirus has definitely affected Sony and its plans for the PS5. With productions being halted, supply channels disrupted, and employees transitioning to remote work, Sony had reportedly found it difficult to make decisions regarding the new Playstation. 

As per previous reports, Sony was forced to reveal the DualSense controller early. The company feared that a leak would occur given they could not hold a proper event due to the pandemic. 

Furthermore, Sony is said to have experienced hardware problems with the PS5. Reports say that they were taken aback by the Xbox Series X’s insane specifications, and we’re rushing to improve their hardware. The viral outbreak also made it difficult to decide on a price given the uncertainty in today’s economic climate. 

So far, almost every technical detail is known about the next-generation console. What’s not known is how it would actually look like and how much it will be priced. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are set to be released during the holiday season this year. 


Images courtesy of The Community Pop Culture Geek/Wikimedia Commons 

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