A red chocobo is killing a lot of players in ‘Final Fantasy XIV’


Final Fantasy XIV players are reportedly dying left and right. A new location in the game is spawning red chocobos, and they can kill entire parties.

Chocobos are some of the best, most enduring mounts in Final Fantasy. They’re great in combat, cute, and go “Kweh kweh,” which is endearing. Even then, the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.35 added a new locale that spawns red chocobos.

Red chocobos are notorious for being powerful, especially late-game. A certain chocobo is so powerful that it can kill an entire raid party of players outright.

Red Comet is killing entire parties

The 5.35 update for FF14 came out last Monday. Chief among the additions is the addition of a new area, the Bozjan Southern Front.

This new area is accessible by doing the “Where Eagles Nest” questline from Marsak in Gangos.

Once players work through the quest, they can visit Sjeros in Gangos and enter. Among the quests that players can do is called a “critical engagement.” This new system allows players to queue and fight for the Bozjan Resistance.

One of the battles in the quest is against a red chocobo named Red Comet. He is a powerful adversary, and players are experiencing unparalleled carnage.

Players in the FF14 subreddit are reporting massive player casualties. The legend of the red chocobo is so great that it reached meme status as of late.

The quest boss Red Comet is so powerful that it can wipe out dozens upon dozens of player parties.

Red chocobos are one of the strongest enemies in “Final Fantasy”

Red chocobos in Final Fantasy are among the most feared monsters outside of bosses. While it’s easy to assume that Final Fantasy XIV has these cuddly birds tamed, reality says otherwise.

I’d like to thank my chocobos for their hard work. from ffxiv

A red chocobo has a skill called Choco Meteor. To the uninitiated, it’s a meteorite shaped like the head of a chocobo.

It shoots at a distance and hits like a truck, which, combined with a chocobo’s monstrous stats, can hurt like heck.

It’s a funny thing, considering that the yellow and even black chocobos are piddly pets. Much like the moogle, they’re unassuming beasts of burden. The red chocobo, however, is a lethal running gag.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, a specific battle in Finath River has players encounter a swarm of red and black chocobos.

With the game’s dynamic leveling, some players can encounter a level 99 red chocobo. A small swarm of these can wreck any player.

A couple of years ago, an FF12-themed Return to Ivalice raid popped up a few level 70 red chocobos. It was so impossible that players dubbed it the “Great Chocobo Massacre of 2018.”

Red chocobos or not, Final Fantasy XIV is a great game to play right now. The recent 5.3x update added a ton of new content and things to do. It’s also partially free to play, so there’s no reason not to enjoy it.

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