A ‘RoboCop’ game is in the works by the team behind ‘Terminator: Resistance’


A new RoboCop game is in the works by the team who have set their example behind Terminator: Resistance.

When it comes to a proper imitation of 80’s action movies, no one does it better than video games. There have been many games previously that have set the example of scoring the top botch when it comes to having an action-packed performance.

What is the game all about?

Well, RoboCop is in the works, and the video game is getting its own franchise. It last appeared on the PC and consoles over 18 years ago and re-emerged as a free-to-play mobile game in early 2014.

After that, the developers have said that since the development of the new game was taking a lot of time, it was dependent on how fast the team would comply with the procedure and get things started for the new franchise. So the new antihero is coming back to the small screen, as it has been a long-awaited duration for the fans.

RoboCop: Rogue City will be something new and going to focus on the action more than anything. The team which has worked behind the Terminator: Resistance has signed up for the reboot, and they have shared some of their plans with the Twitter media.

Who is the mastermind behind this game?

The idea is to create something original and a masterpiece that will tag along the way.

The new game is the work of a game developer named Tevon, and it will feature a proper story that is completely based on the events of the RoboCop films. Beyond that, there will be additional factors and backstories, which will feature in the game.

The main aim of RoboCop here would be to fight criminals and put everyone to justice.

The cops are here to bring justice to all the dangerous and heinous acts of crime that can ride in the streets of Old Detroit, and especially some specific areas are needed to be monitored all the time. The game will have a lot of actions and a ton of equipment to follow as well.

The art and the game style will take back players in the early 80s, and the scenes depicted are made out of wonder and proper detailed work.

As the makers say, the new game will be amazing and focus more on the justice-loving cop and the drama that revolves around him.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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