A Samsung rollable display smartphone is in the works

A Samsung rollable display smartphone is in the works

Samsung is allegedly developing its own explorative device with a rollable display smartphone that can expand for a wider or larger screen.

For the past couple of years, smartphone companies have been limited to the development of the internals and cameras of their devices. Not much has changed since the introduction of the first true smartphone in terms of form factor.

Companies launch, year after year, slabs of phones. These smartphones normally come with a marginally bigger screen, a better camera array. Fortunately, with the introduction of thin foldable glass, the likes of Samsung and LG are innovating.

Samsung, last year, launched the Galaxy Z Fold and the Z Flip. It then followed these devices with a second generation. As expected, the prototypes weren’t the perfect forms of themselves yet. However, the new versions that came out this year are collecting praise from tech reviewers.

The Korean company isn’t stopping with just a foldable phone. It will reportedly explore something even more exciting than that.

A Samsung rollable smartphone is being worked on

Not DJ Koh on Twitter shared that Samsung is allegedly working on a rollable display smartphone. He didn’t clarify anything further on his leak. For what it’s worth, Android Headlines wants Samsung fans to take this bit of information with a grain of salt. The user who shared this bit hasn’t actually established himself as a reliable source yet.

Nevertheless, if fans were to take this seriously, they are in for a treat. The Korean company has shown what it can do with a foldable display. With the right developments and time, Samsung has created an almost perfect phablet with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is in a class of its own, and Samsung followers can expect the rollable display smartphone to be the same.

What can a rollable display do?

As the name suggests, rollable displays allow for the screen to be rolled for expansion or retraction. It is still unclear how smartphone companies will develop such a display. Nevertheless, it seems like the new technology will be used, yet again, for display enlargement similar to the foldable screens.

It will be interesting to see where Samsung will place the rollable display. It has the option of placing it on the short side or the long side of a normal smartphone slab. However, it will be more practical if Samsung installs the rollable display on the long side. Samsung has to do this so that it can provide a wider and not just a longer screen.

Also, the length of the rollable expansion will be something to look out for. Just an inch or two of the added display makes for a good reason to buy this phone.

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